Envying the Rich and Hating Corporations

Folks, first of all, it is a lie that the current tax bill would raise taxes for the middle class. It is simply not true, and yes the rich and corporations will also benefit from the tax cuts. But why do people get so upset when the wealthy or corporations get money in tax cuts? How does the government taking money from the wealthy make anyone’s life better? People are up in arms because the current tax reform bill gives money back to the people who pay taxes. Let that soak into your brains for a minute, let it marinate. People getting back some of their own money makes other people angry. They would rather see a government that is 20 trillion dollars in debt, that racks up hundreds of billions of dollars in monthly deficits, and fraught with fraud waste and abuse to the tune of hundreds of billions more every year, seize people’s money.

The government does not produce anything. It is not their money. Steve Jobs was not rich because he took from the poor, Bill Gates is rich because of his ingenuity, and Warren Buffet is rich because he invested wisely. Business men take risks, they must deal with onerous regulations, worry about making payroll even when things are down. They invest their time, energy, resources, talent and abilities to be successful. Why would people begrudge them of the right to what they earn? Everyone cannot be the same. There will always be people who do better than others. Why is that wrong?
Nancy Pelosi called the newly passed tax reform bill theft. This woman believes that people getting to keep their own money is theft. Theft! Is this woman crazy, does the government have the right to the fruits of people’s labor simply because the government thinks they know better what to do with it, or because they think these people have too much?

Once again, the government does not produce anything. Ms. Pelosi is one of the people who is angry that the rich gets to keep more of their own money that they paid in taxes. If the purpose of the tax cuts is to stir the economy by putting money back in the hands of people who pay taxes, then why the rich should be excluded? Is it not the rich who pay the bulk of taxes? So naturally in any tax benefit, they too will get a tax break, with all of the people in the middle class who do pay taxes. If they get a disproportionate amount of money in any tax break it is because they paid a disproportionate amount of money into the system. Also, by definition, the almost fifty percent of the population who pay no federal taxes cannot receive anything if they put nothing into the system. That is just the way it is. Why is this so difficult to understand?

It is only possible for Bill Gates to do what he does with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation because he is rich? How would universities receive the exorbitant endowments that they do every year if not for the rich? How would Warren Buffet and the many other billionaires who have pledged to give half of their wealth to charity be able to do so if they had no wealth? Every year people give hundreds of millions of dollars to charities dedicated to medical research and many other noble causes because they have the means to do it. The money accomplishes so much more than the government could ever dream of accomplishing with ten times more.

There is not one single country in the world that has ever become wealthy through the redistribution of wealth. Not one! There are no socialist success stories. If anyone wants to know what socialism does, they need only look at Venezuela where the people are close to being equal, but none of them can help each other because they are all equally poor, so the people are all starving. The only ones doing well are those in power who divinely decided that some were too rich, and the powers that be needed to do something to make everyone more equal. Countries like Canada, the Scandinavian countries and other Europeans countries moved to the socialist model only after they became rich using the capitalistic model. In every corner of the world, and for the entire twentieth century there are glittering examples on the failure of socialism, and the success of capitalism, but people continue to believe that a small group of central planners taking money from the people are better able to manage the economy this way. Innovation thrives when people are allowed to keep the fruits of their labor. People do well when they are rewarded for their efforts, their ideas, their intellect, and their talents, through the free exchange of goods and services. No one has the right to deny people this right. It is a God given right not a privilege granted by Government.

People could go ahead and hate corporations if they want, but without corporations there’d be millions of jobs less. There’d be no iPhone, no Google, no YouTube, no Delta Airlines, no cable TV, no medical innovation, no COSTCO, SAMS club, or and many of the other things that we take for granted in our lives.
Government is necessary, and so is paying taxes, to provide security and some other essential public services, but the purpose of the Government is not to take people’s money because the Government thinks people have too much. Those who hold to this warped view need to rethink their ideology. It is not based on economics but jealousy and covetousness and that is dangerous.

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