Trump Soldiers On

People who despise Donald Trump have the right to despise him, in fact; have at it. Go ahead and hate the man’s guts if that is what floats your boat. The one thing that people should do regardless of how they feel though is be honest in their assessment of him. The hysteria and end of world proclamations over this President is unwarranted. That does not mean that people have to agree with him, but come on. This continued reaction to the President and everything that he says or does is ridiculous, and has now officially jumped the whale. This does not mean that the President on his own has not invited some of the negative attention that he gets. He is brash, he shoots off at the mouth, he trolls people, and at times he has behaved in a manner that is not becoming of the position that he holds. No one can deny that, but a lot of the reaction to him is often not really about a silly tweet that he may have send out, or a foolish comment he may have made. The maniacal response to him is based on pure hatred. This assessment is not based on mind reading, but on the hateful things that so many prominent people have said about him. It’s easy to find a list of the unhinged responses to Trump since his election if anyone doubts this. The beauty of the age in which we live is that Google and YouTube exists.

Despite the crazy response to him none of the doom and gloom scenarios predicted by his foes have played out so far. The economy has not tanked, the stock market has not crashed, and unemployment has not shot up. He is not going to start world war three, his access to the nuclear codes does not seem to be a threat to world peace and there is no apocalypse at hand. He follows the rulings of the courts when they go against him, and his tweets, though sometimes very annoying to a lot of people have not come close to causing the disintegration of the Republic, nor will Armageddon result because of them.
After almost a year in power, in terms purely of policy; he has been solid. He is fulfilling many of the promises that he ran on, and though many may disagree, that is how it goes. The winning side gets to implement their vision for the country. Ask Barrack the Great if you doubt that. Despite saying some rather harsh things about the media, he has done nothing that impinges on their rights and freedom. He does have an extremely combative relationship with them, but that is because he vigorously defends himself from what he considers as unfair coverage, and an apparent mission by the media to discredit him. The media today is as free as it ever was to conduct its business and there is no threat to that freedom.

The idea that the President is a white supremacist or white supremacist sympathizer is another charge that is absolutely baseless despite the left’s effort to paint him as such. The fact that the left always has to refer to so called “dog whistles,” and their interpretation of innocuous statements, or some other inarticulate statement by the President tells everyone all they need to know about the vacuousness of their charge. It is all a ruse ladies and gentlemen, designed by people who cannot compete on the field of ideas. If they could succeed in casting him as a villain, a man so nefarious and devoid of character, then every other discussion becomes unnecessary. The current strategy being employed is literally directly out of the Saul Alinsky book “Rules for Radicals.”
Those who voted for the President though are not disheartened by the moves he has made. They are not discouraged by the ferocious onslaught of attacks that have been unleashed on the President in the effort to delegitimize him. When “THE MOST DISRESPECTED PRESIDENT EVAH” was in office over the previous eight years, every criticism of him was seen as a racist attack, and his defenders always came out of the woodwork swinging at any hint of a perceived slight. There existed during his tenure a vigilant group of insult watchers that had offenders constantly defending themselves or apologizing for blasphemy. The sole purpose of these insult watchers was to shield the messiah from anyone criticizing or making fun of him, then highlighting how evil anyone who did must be. Now, with Trump, there is no comment too off base, no insult too derogatory. The media does not call out any of this behavior because to them, and that of the elite left, he deserves it.

The good thing about Trump though is that he is not like other Republican Presidents before him. He is not as smooth or as polished. He does not have the same political pedigree, and many even on the Republican side wish he was a less flawed character. Despite all of these impediments, he just may be the man for this moment in history. His supporters are not fooled, they are not caught in the cult of personality, neither are they enraptured by his charisma. They do not believe that any one man by the sheer power of his personality can make everything alright. In other words they do not see Trump as the savior but they see for the first time in their lifetimes a man who is willing to fight for the policies and the things that they believe in. They’ll take that.

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