Hating Chick fil-a

A few days ago, Chick-fil-a demonstrated once again what it means to be a good corporate citizen when they fed people stranded at the Atlanta airport because of the loss of power there. Chick-fil-a does not usually open on a Sunday, but they broke that tradition to lend a helping hand to those who needed it. This is not the first time that Chick-fil-a has done something like this, and in addition; they donate a lot of money to charity in the effort to reach out to communities that could use it. It is a testament to the type of organization that they are, and they deserve to be commended for their benevolence. One would think that an upstanding organization like this would be loved by all, but sadly they are not. They have often been the target of the “tolerant” left because of their stance on traditional Christian principles and values. They have been targeted for boycotts, and they have been opposed by local governments and Universities, in efforts to ban them from doing business in different locales. Their primary sin is that they opposed gay marriage, and for that; the wrath and the heavy hand of the toleracracy has been triggered against them.

Since the beginning of time people have always had deeply held views on what is acceptable sexual behavior, and have held strong religious views on the issue. Societies as a whole have always had what are considered sexual norms. It is for this reason that sex before marriage is frowned upon in many places around the world. Adultery, incest, polygamy and other sexual practices are still looked on as outside the bounds of healthy sexual behavior. One does not have to share these views, but these are the dominant views in different societies around the world. The view is that any society that has no boundaries on sexual behavior is a society that will eventually crumble because of the application of principle argument. This is the view that many people have on homosexual practice. It does not mean that they hate them or that they think they should not be treated with respect. They have different view on the practice. Simply having this view is enough to put people in the cross hairs of those who hold the different view that there is nothing wrong with homosexual practice. For falling on the wrong side of the argument, Chick-fil-a has become a target for destruction by people who think that everyone must hold to the view that men having sex with men, and women having sex with women is acceptable behavior. The toleracracy does not believe that it is possible for decent people to disagree on this issue, and that anyone who holds to this view is a bigot who must hate gays. There is no “agreeing to disagree on this issue.”

This is why Chick-fil-a is so reviled by many on the left. The tremendous amount of good that they do is of no consequence. It does not matter how many hungry people they feed or how much they contribute to charity. No matter how good they treat their workers, or how responsible they are as a corporation. Until they accept the premise that people of the same sex engaging in sexual practices between themselves is a good thing they will continue to be scorned. It does not matter if Chick-fil-a believes that all people created in the image and likeness of God deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, despite their disagreement on the issue. As long as they hold to what is considered to be their antiquated views, nothing can compensate for that. This is current day America. People’s decency is measured by whether or not they accept homosexuality as a way of life.

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