Roy Moore and the Alabama Senate Race

Last week, the people of Alabama spoke with a loud collective voice. The message was loud and clear. In the recent special election to fill the seat that was vacated by Senator Jeff Sessions when he accepted the job of Attorney General, they rejected Judge Roy Moore as their representative. That’s the way it should be isn’t it, that the people of Alabama be the ones to decide on who is best fit to represent them. The truth is that Alabamians had two really awful candidates in Doug Jones and Roy Moore. They were down to the worst of the pickings. In a State that voted ninety seven percent for the Republican candidate in the last election, and that had not elected a Democrat in twenty five years, the people rejected Mr. Moore. Mr. Moore was such a horrible candidate that the people voted for the open borders, race baiting, class warfare, high tax, welfare loving, abortion candidate. To get an idea of how much the people did not want to vote for Roy Moore, they voted for the candidate who supports the right to abortion up to the day before a baby is born. That should tell everyone how the people felt about Mr. Moore. They elected a candidate who will vigorously pursue every policy that Alabamians traditionally oppose.

President Trump who once famously said that he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and not lose the support of his base found out that that sentiment does not necessarily extend to everyone he endorses. Trumps first mistake was throwing his support behind Luther Strange in the primary, and helping to shut out Mo Brooks, the candidate who shares the Trump agenda, and whose platform strongly mirrors that of Sessions’. He would have been a strong supporter of the President in the Senate. Instead, for some reason; President Trump threw his support behind the candidate who was most lukewarm towards him, and did not have the support of primary voters. The man he chose to support was the “establishment” candidate supported by Mitch McConnell, who orchestrated a campaign that spent millions of dollars to defeat Mo Brooks, the candidate who was a sure win for the seat.

After Mo Brooks was boxed out, it came down to Strange and Moore. With the President going all in for Strange; the people, knowing that Strange was not a strong supporter of the President decided to elect Judge Roy Moore to go up against the Democrat. Roy Moore carried a lot of baggage though, and after selecting him to run; they were about to find out just how much baggage was weighing him down. He was accused of sexually assaulting two under aged young women, and pursuing other young women in their teens to date when he was in his thirties (which was not against the law). Of course he denied ever assaulting anyone, and there were questions raised about the veracity of the claims. One of his accusers even admitted to annotating one of the documents she gave as proof of her claims. One accuser’s stepson called her a liar, and declared that he was voting for Moore despite the accusations. This is not to say one way or the other that Moore is guilty or not, but to simply lay out the scenario. In these instances it is one person’s word against the other, and judge Moore seemed to have enough goodwill on his side to overcome these obstacles that he says were politically motivated. What did the judge in was the combination of the awful campaign that he ran, and the crazy things that he said in addition to the accusations. In one instance, when asked about when America was great, he referenced the period of slavery and talked about how families were together during that time, and in one of the craziest interviews you’ll ever see, his spokesman supremely embarrassed himself and the whole campaign while talking to “Jake news” Tapper on election night. In another instance, one of his old battle buddies spoke about how they erroneously wandered into a brothel in Vietnam where there were numerous under aged girls and Judge Moore sanctimoniously walked out. Those are just a few of the examples of the craziness from Mr. Moore’s campaign. It was going to be a really tough climb.

One of the things that people loved about the Judge was his strong defense of religious freedom, the second amendment, his anti abortion stance, and many of the conservative policies that he held, but people were genuinely scared of him. It is one thing to defend religious freedom, it is quite another to run a campaign like it is an evangelical crusade. America was built on the Judeo/Christian foundation, and no one should ever apologize for that, but America was never a Christian Theocracy.

History is filled with examples of people who set up Governments, claiming to be the voice of God. No Christian should ever be ashamed of his faith if running for office, but that person has to remember that he cannot impose many aspects of the Christian faith on the people. A lot of these issues have to remain between God and the individuals, no matter how strong the conviction may be that a lot of these things are wrong. It is also one thing to speak out on what one believes, and quite another to give the impression that one wants to use the force of Government to impose changes that really should be the result of a change of heart.

The people of Alabama have spoken. There is absolutely no doubt that they will regret this vote. Mr. Jones is a Democrat, and like with most Democrats, the cause matters above everything else, and everything implies that he will faithfully pursue destructive Democrat policies, but that is the way it goes sometimes. Roy Moore’s views are more closely aligned to those of Alabamians, but he was just too scary for many.

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