Cast of the Chains of Victimhood

To the many Black people who embrace the status of victimhood, dare to see yourself as victors instead of victims. In this great country, you have the tools to be successful. There is no system that is trying to hold you down. That does not mean that you will not face difficulties, or that life will not be simply unfair at times. Do not believe those who continue to project themselves as saviors, sent to rescue you from this nebulous system meant strictly to keep black people down. It is a trap meant to keep you in mental chains from which you will be unable to free yourself. Cast off the chains, by rejecting these charlatans who thrive on the discord that they continue to stir up by telling you the white man is out to get you. Reject the black race pimps, and the white leftist race hustlers whose only interest is in getting you to vote for them.
Let 2018 be a new beginning.

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