Double Standards, the Smearing of the President and the White Supremacy Lie

In 2017 America, if you are a public figure on the left there is nothing that you can say or do that will be over the top if it is said against the President of the United States. There is nothing too vile that can evoke the kind of reactions we grew accustomed to seeing when Barrack the Great was in office. No comment is too extreme to raise the ire of those who hate President Trump. In fact there seems to be some kind of competition to see who can say the most outrageous things in order to be considered “edgy.” It is so bad that when a few months ago, a young black rapper said to the President “you’d better shut your mouth before I pimp Melania,” no one even blinked an eye. When another celebrity threatened to take the President into a room and beat him with a baseball bat, the response was the sound of crickets filling the night. So today when it was revealed that Chef Anthony Bourdain said that he would poison the President if he had to cook for him, no one chided him for this remark. The absence of hysteria on the part of the press confirms for the 87th time what we have all known for decades. One can say anything about a Republican or a conservative without the fear of ever paying the price for one’s words. Imagine the response to any of these statements if they were made against the almighty Obama, but you see ladies and gentlemen, as long as one could attach the word racist, misogynist or bigot to a politician on the right anything is permissible.

 A couple of days ago, a black ESPN announcer who had all of the right attributes (black, female and a rabid leftist) going for her called the President a white supremacist, with absolutely no blowback. In fact, this action on her part may have been a career booster for her. She received words of encouragement from the astute and courageous Colin Kaepernick who tweeted his support. Such a statement that the President is a white supremacist requires nothing to back it up. One need only to determine in one’s mind that some action or comment the President made is proof enough, no matter the context or circumstance. His actual record of dealing with black people and other minorities is of no consequence. The fact that there in nothing in his past that one can credibly associate with white supremacy does not matter. What matters more than anything is getting the label to stick. If one can tar and feather the President of the United States as a white supremacist then there is no need to engage him. In dehumanizing him this way anything becomes permissible.

This strategy was employed since he was candidate Trump. Make the people afraid of him, paint him as scary, someone who hates black people, other minorities, and wants to rejuvenate the KKK. Sure the President has said some outrageous things, and at times his conduct has been unbecoming of someone in his position…but a white supremacist!? Seriously…really!!!??? Is there no one on the other side who sees how ridiculous and outrageous this is? The vitriol against the President has been so toxic and the effort to paint him as a monster has been so successful as a result/ that after pulling off a stunt of a simulated beheading of the President a few months ago, Kathy Griffin is back, taking back the apology that she gave after her stunt, and saying that the reaction to it was nonsense. She too has expressed her support for the ESPN commentator. None of the actions by these esteemed people ever causes the outcry that we see against conservatives if they do something half as egregious. These people on the other hand can get away with anything. Now all we hear about, all day long is white supremacy, and issue that is of no real significance in this country. The KKK has no influence in America. No neo Nazi has access to the mainstream, and they could hardly get the time of day if they asked for it from the average American. We are never the less bombarded day and night with talk about these groups, with whom everyday Americans have no business or association. The tactic employed by the left in this way is not about to change because it has proven to be successful in the past, but hopefully this time it will back fire as Americans become more aware.

When Glenn Beck a few years ago accused President Obama of having a deep seated hatred of white people, all hell broke loose. He set off a media firestorm and a national crisis ensued. For his blasphemy, Beck was swiftly denounced. He himself was accused of being a racist for daring to suggest that America’s first black President may be racist. Before he could say the word racist for a second time, Mr. Beck was on TV apologizing, pleading forgiveness for his sins committed against the chosen one. As far as the media and the left were concerned, it was impossible that America’s messiah, and the savior of the rest of the world could be a racist. Any suggestion that this holy man, this deity was a racist was itself borne out of a deep seated hatred for the black and holy one. He was after all the one who promised to stop the rise of the oceans, to heal the planet and unite the people. He couldn’t possibly be a racist could he? No one was willing to look into his past. There was no information on his days as a college student, nor his life in Indonesia. When it surfaced that for twenty years he attended the church of a Black Liberation Theology preacher who railed against white people, lord Obama’s defenders came running to his aid. When he made those controversial comments about hurricane Katrina and the Federal Government’s response to it, the media gave the speech no coverage. When he played the race card over and over again during a time when the nation needed some assurance during the period of tension between the police and the swaths of the black community, the media looked on and listened in silence. If anyone questioned his role in the deteriorated state of race relations during his tenure, that person was summarily dismissed, and the idea not even explored.

The media, Hollywood and Academia were so enchanted by his gloriousness that he was held to a completely different standard than any other President before him. He could literally do no wrong in their eyes. In a classic case of the emperor being complemented for his fine clothes as he struts around naked, he was hailed for having no major scandal during his Presidency. In their eyes, the Fast and the Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, the IRS scandal, lying about the Iran Nuclear deal, his Secretary of State deleting thirty three thousand emails, and other issues did not rise to the level of scandal. Lawyers from his justice department were upbraided by a federal judge for their chicanery, and ordered to attend ethics training, but none of it mattered because the entity who sat in the white house was untouchable. He was above reproach. In an example that clearly demonstrates the double standard, when his policies were deemed to even negatively affect black people, the President of the Congressional Black Caucus famously said that “if Obama were not President, they’d be marching on the White House”. Despite all of that, we are told that Barrack Obama was THE MOHST DIS-REE-SPECK-TED President EV-VAH, simply because everybody did not do obeisance to him, and some people were jerks toward him, like they are to everyone who has ever occupied the office.

Today it is en vogue to say the most outrageous things against the current White House resident. What is his crime? It is carrying out his agenda, doing the things that those who voted for him expect him to do.  Without an iota of self-awareness, the people spewing the most hatred at those who disagree with them lecture others on intolerance.  One does not have to like Donald Trump or agree with him, but this stuff that we are witnessing is just unbelievable. This is the alternate Universe in which we now live.

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