The Left and the Democrat Party Gets Crazier Every Day

Ben Carson and Stacy Dash are black White Supremacists! So declares the erudite Chelsea Handler of “My horizontal life” fame, another white leftist who cannot stand the idea that these black, successful, independent thinkers refuse to march to the beat of the leftist drum. Of course Ms. Chandler is given a free pass and allowed to make these outrageous and disparaging remarks about black people because after all, if one is on the left and supports the Democrat Party, one is judged by a completely different standard. One can rest assured that the chances of being called on any display of intolerance will be slim to none at all.

Observe once again that this is not some internet troll making this outrageous statement. She is a high profile entertainer, Hillary Clinton supporter, spewing this bilge against successful black people who dare think for themselves, and refuse to be a part of the Democrat Party plantation.

The hatred and utter contempt that these people have for those with whom they disagree is absolutely stunning. They honestly think that because they believe their politics is righteous, it gives them the right to be nasty towards average Americans, all the while accusing everyone else of intolerance.  They have no sense of self awareness because it does not matter to them, after all; they are Democrats, and they can do no wrong. Theirs is the party of tolerance.

Do not for a minute expect Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon or anyone else in the traditional media to call Ms. Handler or any other hate spewing leftist on their bigotry and contempt toward black people, or anyone who they believe should be thinking like them. The media you see, has more important business to attend to, like saving the country from being over run by the scourge of so called “white supremacists.”

On another note; yesterday, former President, Barrack Obama made it known to anyone who would listen that the GOP is looking to “inflict real human suffering” on the American people with their attempts to repeal Obamacare. We know that Obamacare is working splendidly, right? Just in case you missed it, the former President of the United States is saying that a major political party in this country seeks to inflict real human suffering on fellow Americans. This is their reason for trying to repeal Obamacare. It has nothing to do with fixing the awfulness of Obamacare with something better that works. That is just an excuse that those dastardly Republicans are using to do harm to the American people. Again, in case you missed it; they want to inflict human suffering. So there you go people.

Is lord Barrack going to be called out for his coarse rhetoric? Will his adoring sycophantic fans at CNN accuse his lordship of fear mongering. That is extremely difficult to answer. Let’s wait and see. One word of advice. Please do not hold your breadth while waiting. This is for your own well being.

Of course anyone who has not been hypnotized by his holiness’ aura is not the least bit surprised by his rhetoric. This is the same gentleman who went all around the world talking about America’s sins. This is the same President who accused Americans of pernicious racism, and played the race card while sitting in the most powerful, privileged position in the world. He did it for eight solid years. This dude had a chance to unite the country like no other before him. He failed miserably, but of course blamed it on everyone else but himself. His tenure will go down as one of the biggest wastes of opportunity in all of human history. It does not matter though because he is black, and in the eyes of many that is what matters most. He has the ability to mesmerize with his words even as poison flows from his lips, seeping into the pores, simultaneously making one feel euphoric just from listening to him. It never mattered though. He is Barrack the great, a giant among Democrats who can do no wrong.



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