The Duplicity of a Banana Peel

Last week at the University of Mississippi, an atrocity of epic proportions transpired. The occurrence left people traumatized beyond measure, and many are unsure if they can, or ever will recover from the tragedy that occurred at their esteemed University. Many young leaders from the Ole Miss Greek life were at the school to attend a retreat “designed to build leaders and bring the campus closer together.” Everything was on track for a magnificent weekend of mentoring, learning, and character building. Suddenly, without warning; the event was disrupted by an act so cold that the event was brought to an abrupt end. All of the effort that went into planning and making the event a memorable success would be for naught as it had to be cancelled. Students and campus authorities were forced to contend with an act of pure hatred, a deed so vile that students had to retreat to their safe spaces to adequately deal with the trauma caused by the act. So, what happened that was so terrible that it brought a planned retreat to come to an end before it really got going? Brace yourselves everyone! This is blood curdling stuff. Now is the time to stop reading if you have a week stomach. You’ve been warned! The three day event was cut short on the evening of the first day after three black students found a banana peel in a tree in front a cabin at the camp. You read that right folks, but just in case you are wondering if you did read it right, be assured that you did, never the rtheless, to save you the trouble of going back lets repeat it. Three black students spotted a banana peel in a tree in front of one of the cabins at the camp, and as a result of the sighting, the event that was planned for those three days was brought to an abrupt end.

For an entire day, the student’s discovery sparked a vigorous discussion about “symbolism” and reports say that the discussion was sometimes heated. During the discussion one student revealed that because he could not find an available trashcan in close proximity, he simply threw the peel in the tree. Even after finding out how the peel got in the tree, reports state that some students left the retreat in tears. One Greek leader claimed that because of the incident, students did not feel welcome or safe. Many others “were hurt, frightened and upset” by the incident. She spoke of the paranoia that she felt after seeing the banana peel, this is part of what one of the school’s staff said in a letter addressing student leadership, according to the school’s student newspaper: “Because of the underlying reality many students of color endure on a daily basis, the conversation manifested into a larger conversation about race relations today at the University of Mississippi.” The guilty student offered a heartfelt apology for the unintentionally callous manner in which he disposed of the banana peel, and he stressed that there was no excuse for the pain that he caused, though his action was not in any way an attack on any one or group. “I have much to learn and look forward to doing such and encourage all members of our community to do the same,” he said.

This incident ladies and gentlemen clearly illustrates why so many people of color adapt the victim mentality in this country. It is harnessed, and cultivated on university campuses all across the country and young people are made to feel that there is virtue in being a victim, and being week. Being frightened by a banana peel is pathetic. Developing paranoia, feeling hurt and upset because of a banana peel in a tree is ludicrous. Think about this for one moment folks. What is the mindset that people must have to automatically jump to the conclusion that a banana peel in a tree is some type of attack on black people? How does an individual’s mind become so enchained, that this kind of response to such an innocuous incident is seen as reasonable? This is another example of the soft bigotry of low expectations, because the protectors know that these black people are so weak, they cannot handle a banana peel carelessly flung into the branches of a tree by a little bug.   Those who encourage this ridiculous behavior see themselves as enlightened, as being conscious of the struggle, they are “woke,” but these people are a major part of the problem because, instead of telling young people to grow up, stop whining and feeling sorry for themselves, they encourage them to feel sorry for themselves and throw pity parties. They do black people and other minorities no favors by encouraging them to wallow in the mud of victimhood, but far worse; they do the country no favors encouraging this behavior. As a result of this attitude that is encouraged by professors, staff and other leadership at these college campuses, so many people who live blessed lives end up leaving these institutions with a chip on their shoulder because they are taught, despite their everyday experience, that they are victims who are at a natural disadvantage for no other reason than the color of their skin. It is no wonder that in two thousand and seventeen, when there are so many laws in place to fight discrimination, when people and businesses can be sued for millions of dollars, when government agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission exist to combat discrimination,  when businesses all across the country have dedicated Human Resources Departments to fight discrimination, and when the worst thing that one could be called is a racist, people still believe that “the system” is out to get them.

Too many white people who have no reason to feel guilty for misdeeds that may have been suffered by black people in the past or people of color get wrapped up in these silly ventures into political correctness. They are constantly trying to assuage the guilt that they have been made to feel, and they try to compensate for it by treating black people and others as their special projects. They appoint themselves as their protectors, and in the process do nothing but keep the people who they think they are helping from rising to the heights that they can really ascend. After all, these people whom they wish to help are victims, right. It is time for many black people, and others who have been convinced that a victim posture, and a weak disposition are positions of virtue, to snap out of that state of mind. You are no different than any other American. You too are God’s creation, with tons of latent ability just yearning to rise to the surface so that you too can excel. It is time to stop falling for the ploys that seek to make you continue to embrace the victim mentality. Break free of those chains and live your life as God intended. It is high time.

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