Violence and Misbehavior on the Left

Let’s be clear up front! Bernie Sanders was not responsible for the actions of the shooter who opened fire at law makers on the Capitol this yesterday. He did the right thing by voicing a strong condemnation of the shooter. The shooter alone bears responsibility for his actions. What happened yesterday was a major catastrophe, and the nation should be concerned by such events taking place in our country regardless of the political inclinations of the perpetrator, however, to ignore the political leanings of the assailant would be the same as pretending that there is not a big elephant standing in the middle of the kitchen floor. What we saw unfold yesterday may just be the first step in taking the rabid hatred for the President and conservatives in general to the next level. Make no mistake about what we are witnessing in the country,  the violence that has been on the upscale since the election of Donald Trump is linked to the absolute loathing of the President that has been encouraged in the press, and goaded by the Democratic Party. No one should be surprised by this, it is a natural consequence of the Democratic Party preaching a message of hate against anyone who disagrees with their agenda to take the country down the proven failing socialist path. Once again, it must be said that people are responsible for their own actions, and the man who committed the unspeakable act is alone responsible for his action attacking Senators and Congressmen for being Republicans. We cannot ignore though that this is one more episode in a string of many that demonstrates the depravity of the Democratic Party, and the left in general.

For as far back as we can go, the left has embraced the culture of violence. From the murdering of Presidents, to the lionizing of mass murderers like Che Guevara, and celebrities being chums with the dictator Hugo Chavez, and most recently at the Puerto Rican day parade in New York, honoring a convicted terrorist who was responsible for over a hundred bombings in the United States, and in the process killed five people. We saw it during the Baltimore riots when the Mayor declared that they must give rioters “space to destroy.” We saw it when his majesty Barrack Obama targeted the police, playing in to the narrative that the police are actively engaged in the violent targeting of black men. Even after one incident where five police officers were killed by a murderous anti-white thug who bought into the “the police are out to get us story line,”  the President of the United States showed up at the funeral service of these men and continued with his rhetoric, railing against the police. The whole Black Lives Matter movement was built on a lie that the police shot a black man who pleaded “hands up don’t shoot.” The fact that the man was a thug who attacked the police does not matter even to this day. Today Bill Ayers is an honored professor at one of the nation’s well known institutions of higher learning, though he has never apologized for his actions in the past, and he openly states that he cannot say whether he will ever take up violence as a means of resistance again. This is the American left and the Democrat Party. This has been their modus operandi for a very long time. Because the media shares their agenda, their actions have been excused and ignored over the decades, while doing everything in their power to tarnish those who do not share their vision.

When it comes to violence, the left talks a good game, they say all the right things, and they project their propensity for violence on their opponents to distract from their own violent behavior. We saw this tendency of theirs to paint their opponents with a brush that is more representative of who they are during the last elections. While it is true that Donald Trump did encourage people to get physical with agitators who showed up at  some of his rallies, and there were some minor incidents, he was roundly condemned for it by members of his own party, the media and politicians of every stripe and decent people in general. It was wrong for him to do it, but it ended quickly. On the other hand violence against Trump supporters increased, and it was near impossible to walk the street in a Make America Great Again hat without being physically attacked for it. As the violence increased, the media ignored it, and continued to blame Trump supporters even when it became clear that the violence was perpetrated against the Trump supporters. The media and the Democratic party refused to denounce the violence for the duration of the campaign with the same kind of gusto that they reserved for the few incidents that had occurred at some Trump rallies earlier in the campaign. They became vanguards of the narrative that Democrat supporters were the victims of political violence by the right, even though it was plain for anyone looking on to see that the violence was by and large coming from Democratic supporters.

For eight years the media demonized the Tea Party who conducted themselves with honor in their opposition to Barrack Obama (they even cleaned up after their rallies), but the media and Democrats harangued them nonstop nevertheless for the duration of those eight years, accusing them of all manner of evil, glowing with delight on the rare occasions when something untoward really did happen, so they could say I told you so. These same people who have set themselves up as the guardians of virtue have been silent in light of the unrelenting barrage of hate directed at Donald Trump since his election. They have cheered it on, hoping to see the downfall of the Trump Presidency. To this day none of the major players in the Democratic Party has unequivocally, and vociferously denounced the despicable behavior that has been on display by their supporters for the last few months, and it must be said again that the media has been complicit throughout the entire affair. Recently in Portland a man who harassed a Moslem woman on a bus, took the life of a man who confronted him for harassing the woman, and he wounded two other men who also confronted him stabbing them both. The media quickly jumped to blame Trump supporters. They found out that the Man was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and the story died a quick death without any further hoopla.

We have seen a spate of hoax “hate crimes” committed by people on the left since the election of Donald Trump, all in an attempt to cast a dark cloud of disgrace on them. The most high profile cases of these “hate crimes” that have been featured in the news have proven to be hoaxes, but that fact has never been addressed by the media nor the Democratic Party. In one instance, one left wing reporter alone was responsible for a number of threats to Jewish centers across the country. In another case a young Jewish man and his father was arrested for over one hundred and twenty threats to Jewish centers and synagogues. When President Trump suggested that some of the anti-Semitic “hate crimes” could be hoaxes, the Huffington Post claimed he was being the parrot of “white nationalists and far-right conspiracy theorists.” Anti-Semitism by the left is nothing new, this is another where they excel, but they also successfully manage to project that on their opponents. They have gotten away with all of these things for a very long time, and are held to a completely different standard than those on the right, and it is why they continue to feel emboldened to behave the way they do.

Ladies and gentlemen, Republicans, conservatives, those on the right in general are not innocent of wrong doing. They also have their malevolence. The big difference is that on the right, they do not embrace their mischief makers. They come out strongly and condemn violence, and inappropriate behavior. Their villains generally become outcasts. There is no mainstreaming of the behavior that we see by prominent people on the left. Go onto any website and one will find trolls of every stripe. In the Democratic Party however; many of the people who engage in unbridled hatred and vitriol are people who have a large platform in the Democratic Party. Though the right is not perfect, and the idea is not to cast them in that light; the simple truth is that the unadulterated hatred, the nastiness, the sheer vitriol, and the propensity to violence is overwhelmingly on the left. It does not even come close to what we see on the right. In the end, the scripture says that “the heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” To see change in our country we need a remedy for the heart. Though we all need to be introspective and strive to be better people by the grace of God; we have to be honest though about where many of the problems are coming from, purely in terms of behavior.

Supporters of the Democratic Party must ask themselves, if their ideas are so superior, why does the party always have to resort to name calling, character assassination, and the demonization of decent people in order to further their cause. Why do they not stand on the strength of their message and rely on its merit? The answer is simple. It is because when held under the light of intense scrutiny, their ideas are found wanting in spite of their good intentions. If they can successfully cast their opponents as ogres whose intent is to do others harm, violence and other despicable behavior becomes justified. No one is saying that everyone on the left or in the Democratic party are bad people, but the Democratic Party is definitely the place where violence, vitriol and hysteria has a welcome home.

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