The Democrat Party Rage Machine

Today someone on the Radio said that the Democratic Party is the biggest hate group in America. No words more true have ever been spoken in current day American politics. It is time that the veneer in which these people have covered themselves for far too long is removed so that they are exposed for all to see. These people are constantly aggrieved, they are never happy about anything, they are never content. They are always on the lookout for the next victim group to “stand up” for, they never tire of constantly stirring up the masses with discontent. Their arguments are old, tired, unimaginative, lazy and vindictive. They go something like the following. Republicans and conservatives want dirty air, they want sick people to die so that insurance companies can profit. Republicans want to take us back to the nineteen fifties, they want to take the vote away from black people. According to Nancy Pelosi they want to starve babies.

When Democrats are not spreading demagoguery they are spitting vitriol. Why are these people always so enraged to the point where they are willing to say the nastiest things, while pointing their fingers at everyone else? Maxine Waters has been acting like a bonafide crazy woman in her response to the election of Donald Trump calling for his impeachment before the man even took the oath of office. All of Trumps cabinet nominees were held up as some of the most insidious accusations flew out the mouths of Democrats against them. These people are so filled and blinded by hatred that they continue to dig themselves deeper, and deeper into a large hole.  During the confirmation hearings of Judge Gorsuch, he was accused of siding with corporations at the expense of the “little guy.” There was no mention or interest in whether or not he upheld the constitution. Their only interest was in maintaining class warfare. Trumps labor secretary was “an enemy of workers’ rights,” they predicted “a war on seniors” was coming with the confirmation of the Health and Human Services Secretary. Trump’s Education Secretary Nominee was about to “single-handedly decimate our public education system. Jeff Sessions was warned by Elizabeth Warren about “taking his “racism, sexism and bigotry” to the Justice Department. While sessions was awaiting his confirmation with his grandchild who happened to be Asian American sitting on his lap, an MTV reporter told him to “take that toy back to toys are us.”

One week after an insane hate filled Democratic supporter tried to take out Republican members of Congress, we have crazy Uncle Bernie telling a supporter to “fight back in an unprecedented way” assuring the supporter that because of the Health care bill that Republicans are currenly working on “Thousands of people will die! He said, “There’s no question in my mind. What kind of crazy world is it?”  Is it any wonder that people are going out there shooting Republicans? After all if Republicans are responsible for the deaths of thousands, isn’t violence justified against them.

What is wrong with these people? How long will they continue to get away with this type of behavior?  They are always in a state of perpetual outrage. They refuse to enforce immigration law and call the people who want to protect the borders racist. They are heavily invested in the race industry and pit American’s against each other; white against black, women against men, rich against poor.  Who can forget the words of Hillary Clinton when she called millions of her countrymen a basket of deplorables as she went on to quite casually, without any proof, label them as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic. She said that they are un-American an irredeemable, for no other reason than that they do not agree with her agenda. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats actually promoted the notion that with Donald Trump having the nuclear codes, it is be actually conceivable that he could get us into a nuclear war because…wait for it…wait for it, because someone may get under his thin skin. Did you get that? Donald Trump would take us to nuclear war if somebody offends him! She said that, in all seriousness. These people have to be rejected. On and on they go, decade after decade, year after year, month after month, week after week, day after day… you get the point. This is a hate group that is not interested in ideas, only character assassination, vitriol and propaganda. Reject them! Look around, observe their behavior and categorically, utterly and unequivocally reject them until they change their methods.

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