James Comey, the Disgruntled Former Employee and the Teflon Don

James Comey is a man with an axe to grind. He is one in a long line of people who do not like the President of the United States. His goal in his testimony today was to make the President look badly. It is very likely that he did accomplish that, but that in itself is no major accomplishment because many people have already succeeded in that area, and if we are to be honest; the President has on occasion managed to make himself look badly also. Mr. Comey however has not done enough to sway the Presidents followers away from him, and in fact; Comey’s actions may have served to steel the resolve of the President’s supporters. They are happy to embrace the mixed bag that is Donald Trump because while there are many things to personally despise about him, the people who voted for him, and closely follow the issues are pleased that Mr. Trump is the rare politician who at least tries to keep his word. They are happy about Judge Gorsuch being selected to serve on the Supreme Court. They see Trump taking a knife to, and slashing stifling regulations on business. They are happy about the President opening up the Keystone pipeline, the Dakota Pipeline, and withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate agreement. When Barrack Obama was running for President the first time, he actually threatened to bankrupt the coal industry, and he followed through on his promise by imposing regulations that were so onerous, he successfully broke the back of the coal industry. President Trump promised to be “a friend of the coal industry,” and so far has kept his word in that regard and he has withdrawn funding from countries that use the money to support abortion. There are other reasons that the people look to Trump and see a man who is at least willing to put an effort in following through on his campaign promises, and that gives them hope that he will do more of what he promised.

For Mr. Comey or anyone else to have the desired effect on Trump voters, he will have to do much better that he did at his Senate appearance today. No doubt many of Mr. Trump’s detractors are pleased with Mr. Comey’s showing before the Senate committee today, but they’ll have to contain their glee because what Mr. Comey delivered was a very large triple decker (to use the words of Hillary) nothing burger. Prior to Comey’s appearance the Democrats and their allies in the media were doing somersaults in expectation of the bombshell that would finally lead to the impeachment, and fall of the Trump Presidency, instead they got nothing. We did however learn more about Mr. Comey. The man who exalts himself as the paragon of virtue and integrity informed us that he was behind leaks that were given to the New York Times a few weeks ago about his meeting with the President. Mr. Comey justified his action by stating that he wanted to prompt the appointment of a special counsel.  How noble of the gentleman. That action by Mr. Comey would be applauded by Trump’s opponents, but it should give everyone pause. With the extensive leaks that have been coming out of the White House, what else has Mr. Comey been willing to expose in his effort to get at the President? As one person pointed out, it is interesting that Mr. Comey never let the word get out that Mr. Trump was not under investigation, despite President Trump saying over and over again that Comey told him that he was not. Today we found out that Trump was right, but the bastion of uprightness, James Comey, did not see it as necessary to also reveal that. What a man of honor!

In addition to President Trump not being under investigation, the case for obstruction of justice that leftists, the Democratic party and their media sycophants were hoping to make disappeared with a poof. Of course nothing phases Rachel Maddow. She will now doubt be encouraged by everything that went on today, and continue to make her case. She is an expert at finding evidence where no one else can or does. Back in the real world the case fell apart. Mr. Comey did express that though Mr. Trump did not expressly try to get him to drop the case against Michael Flynn, he Comey took it that way. So there you go. That’s obstruction of justice for you. Something else that Mr. Comey said was that he felt he lost his job because of the Russia Collusion investigation. There is another gem for you. He “felt” that is the reason he was fired. Another big revelation today was that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email. In case anyone forgets, Hillary Clinton is the lady Comey stated had broken several laws, but because she never intended to do so “no reasonable prosecutor would would bring a case against her,” but that is a whole other story.

By the time Mr. Comey had finished testifying he had nothing concrete to offer in the investigation looking into the alleged Russia collusion. He did express how he felt, and what he “took” out of his meeting with the President. There was a lot of innuendo, but no substance, and the investigation into Russian collusion continues nevertheless. Once more it is really important to point out that the whole Russian investigation is based on nothing. There is no reason to believe that Donald Trump or anyone ever colluded with a foreign power to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign. There is absolutely nothing that anyone has shown as reason to come to that conclusion, but here we are, six months into the Trump Presidency and the charade continues. It is amazing to watch, to see how this will all play out. One does not have to like Donald Trump or even agree with him, but his opponents need to seek help for the serious case of Trump Derangement syndrome that they all seem to have acquired. They really have to do better in making a case against him, because, as he has proven again today; he just may be the second coming of the Teflon Don.

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