Kathy Griffin, Victimology and the Left

Yesterday Kathy Griffin gave us a cogent lesson in, and a very clear picture of victimology 101. After pulling off one of the most offensive and outrageous stunts that the left has concocted to date, since the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, she rushed to play the victim. This is their tried, tested and proven method of operation.  Think about it for a while! Barrack Obama was often cast as the victim of racism. It is said that he was hated by people who did not want to see a black man as President. Despite being on an eight year honeymoon with the press, late night comedians, Hollywood, academia and almost every major institution in America, he and his supporters played the victim at every turn. The say he was “the most disrespected President evvah.” He had a super majority in Congress for two years where he could have gotten anything done, he got a bigger portion of his agenda passed than any president in the last few decades. The Senate shut Republicans out of meetings and negotiations, they refused to bring over three hundred  Republican Bills to the Senate floor, they changed the rules to elect judges to the high court, and if anyone said anything slightly untoward about President Obama, that person was roundly criticized in the press and raked over the coals. Despite all of this, the most powerful man in the world basked in the role victim at every opportunity. It was never that people simply did not agree with his policies. They had to be racists.

Hillary Clinton is currently on her loser, cast the blame, I am victim tour. She blames everyone for her loss. The Russians are responsible, the New York Times coverage of her email scandal, she blames James Comey,  and Bernie Sanders. She even blamed the Democratic Party itself, casting aside the fact that they rigged the process, and cheated Bernie Sanders to get her elected. Among the chief Reasons for her loss, she blames sexism. It could not possible be her own fault or that people rejected her ideas

Lebron James the other night, despite having the police on the trail of a racist incident at his multimillion dollar mansion. Despite all of his privilege and access, despite his dominance in a league of mostly black multimillionaires, and numerous opportunities that continue to be open to him, seized the opportunity to present himself as a victim despite everything in his life that says differently. He too is victim.

We see this blame the other, poor me attitude prevalent among the left, and it is mind blowing that these people get away with it over and over again. Yesterday, it was Miss Griffin’s turn to play the victim. There is no need to discuss the act in itself that got her to that point, and all the reasons it was wrong. That has been discussed ad nausem. The horrificness of it screams out loud, and gives testimony of the abject hatred that she harbors for the President of the United States. After feigning the violent act, and apologizing a day earlier, she then went into full victim mode, while simultaneously casting herself as the brave defiant artist standing up to the bully President. That right there is the essence of leftism! The status of victim is important, and it is a major part of leftist strategy. After all if they are the persecuted, the downtrodden, the oppressed, then their actions become justified, and the implementation of policies that otherwise would not stand a chance of being enacted becomes justified.

After the appropriate response by many on the right and left, Miss Griffin called a news conference and went on to blame Trump and his family for the backlash that she was receiving for her actions. In her sick mind, it could not possibly be that people were sickened by her actions. The reason for the backlash had to be because, the Trumps, as she opined, are trying to ruin her. They want to destroy her career for mocking him since he’s been elected. She pretends to understand why people would be upset by her actions, but by the same token acts like the response to her actions are unwarranted.

What is happening to Kathy Griffin is a strange phenomenon for folks like her. This is territory to which they are unaccustomed tho treading. They are not supposed to be treated this way. They often behave in the vilest manner without any blow back. Kathy Griffin thought about making, and posting the video because she knew that those of her ilk are always held to a different standard. She thought she’d be portrayed as brave and “edgy.” Despite the response to her, observe that no journalist has asked any of the Democrats for whom she campaigns if they approve of her actions of if they denounce her. Those questions are reserved for politicians on the right when “journalists” are pulling out David Duke or some obscure racist they are attempting to attach to conservatives.

The actions and the ensuing smugness of Kathy Griffin is par for the course by the left. This is not a one off incident. We have seen this type of behavior over and over again by prominent people who support the Democrat Party. The response to this type of behavior is usually a big yawn. We need only look at the way that politicians, Hollywood and the other high profile people on the left have behaved in the last few months as proof positive that as long as a Republican/conservative is the target of ridicule, and vitriol; the hatred that we see on display is ok. Despite the response to Kathy Griffin, rest assured that she will be ok. A couple of rounds on the late night talk show circuit, and she’ll be back. She will probably raise her stature in the eyes of her admirers. To be honest the wish here is that Kathy Griffin, and her ilk would have the biggest platform possible where they can showcase exactly who they are. That way the people in turn get to see exactly who they are in return and respond appropriately.

People should really start questioning their allegiance to leftist ideology. If these ideas are so superior, why do proponents always have to rely on character assassination, insults, ridicule and vitriol as the main tools at their disposal to convince people? Why are they not secure in the strength of their ideas? It is because in the face of scrutiny, void of emotional paraphernalia, they are unable to trade in the market place of ideas.

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