America Forsakes a Friend, Refuses to Veto Anti-Israel UN Resolution

If there was ever any doubt about President Obama’s commitment to his liberal agenda, today’s decision to abstain from voting on the United Nations anti-Israel resolution should leave no doubt about the mixed up priorities, interests, and allegiance of this historic President. The UN resolution condemns Israel over the expansion of settlements in the occupied Palestinian Territories without any similar harsh condemnations of Palestinians terrorist shenanigans. For years many have accused this administration of being anti-Israel, and today’s action by the administration establishes this perception as a fact.

No one familiar with the workings of the United Nations is surprised by the actions of the Security Council. After all, the august body that is the UN has in the past appointed nations like Iran, Libya, Cuba, and other ruthless governments to sit on the Human rights council of the United Nations. Saudi Arabia was appointed to chair the Human Rights Panel one year ago, so this should give an idea of how mixed up the UN is.

For years, the United Nations has demonstrated a lopsided biased approach to the Israel/Palestinian conflict, but the United States has always served as a buffer of sorts against the onslaught of unjust resolutions against the state of Israel. President Obama, in one fell swoop has thrown that long standing policy out on its head by abstaining in the vote, and allowing the resolution to pass. Just one week ago UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon stated that he believes Israel faces UN bias, demonstrated in the “disproportionate volume of resolutions against Israel.” Mr. Moon has since walked back his comments, but they are nevertheless worth acknowledging.

In forsaking the Israelis Mr. Obama has unwittingly taken the side of those organizations that have committed themselves to the destruction of Israel. In the process of this action by the United States, the Obama administration has delivered another punch to the gut of the one democracy in the most volatile corner of the world. Israel stands alone surrounded by hostile nations that do not share its values, (values that align so closely with the United States). It is the one true ally the United States has in this part of the world.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the trigger point for many problems in the world, so it is important for the United States to show leadership on this, and many other issues that affect our world. For years the Palestinians have refused to negotiate with Israel, they are the ones who have consistently refused to come to the negotiating table to work out a settlement of the conflict. In the year 2000 the Palestinians rejected an offer of Statehood from the Israelis. Israel offered them ninety five percent of the disputed territory in the West Bank, and all of the Gaza strip. The Palestinians turned it down and instead resorted to the intifada. They chose to remain in a position where they could then portray themselves as victims, and thus feel justified in continuing their violent campaign indiscriminately firing rockets into civilian neighborhoods, blowing up cafes using suicide bombers, slitting the throats of babies, committing knife attacks on innocent people, and committing other acts of terrorism. They do all of this with the assurance that they will continue to get a pass from the United Nations.

With this resolution, the United Nations has inserted itself into an issue that should be resolved by the two sides involved in the dispute. In passing this one sided resolution, the UN has given the Palestinians more reasons to feel justified in their continued aggression against the people of Israel. If the Palestinians can continue to refuse to negotiate, and then simply go to the UN for solutions, then why bother to negotiate?

People forget that the current conflict was started by the Arab states. After the United Nations voted to divide the land that was called Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state (please note that that this land was not a country called Palestine), the Jews accepted the UN resolution, but the Arabs did not. One day after the British moved out of the area called Palestine, the surrounding Arab states attacked the brand new state of Israel, and were defeated. The Israelis moved pass their original borders in the process and Jordan took control of the rest of the land that was supposed to form the Arab state that the UN had voted on earlier. Some years later the Arab states again attacked Israel, and were swiftly defeated a second time by the Israelis. The Israelis gave the Jordanians a chance to stand down during the war, but the Jordanians rejected the olive branch offered by the Israelis. In the process Israel gained the territory that we know today as the West Bank (the West bank of the Jordan River). The Israelis did not seize a country called Palestine nor did they chase out the Palestinians, in fact; it was the Arab leaders who encouraged the Palestinians living in Israel to flee into surrounding Arab nations as they prepared to attack the Jewish state years earlier when they launched their first attack against Israel. They thought that they would execute a repatriation effort after a quick defeat of the newly formed State of Israel. It never happened and, the countries that received the people who fled from the ensuing conflict never absorbed them into their lands. Today, almost seventy years later, we still have Palestinian “refugees” who demand to be “repatriated” into the State of Israel. It is noteworthy that the similar numbers of Jews who fled Arab states have been fully settled into Israel, and there are no Jewish refugees today. Also important to note is that after Israel negotiated with the Egyptians a few years later, Israel gave up the entire area known as the Sinai Peninsula in exchange for peace with Egypt.

American leadership in the world is vital for stability in the world. The United States must align itself with the right causes. Those who believe that the US should play a less prominent role in the world need to understand that if we do, the void left by us will be filled by other players on the world stage. The countries best poised to fill any vacuum left by the United States do not share the same values of liberty, justice and peace that we do, and the world will be a completely different place if any of these countries are the dominant force in the world. The Obama Administration had a chance to once again demonstrate that America is indeed the shining city on a hill, in the midst of the dark and nefarious forces that operate in the United Nations. They failed to light the way, and they gave evil a chance to prevail. Once again, the Democrat party will own a very dubious legacy that they can add to their bucket of blunders.

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