Leftist Hate and Media Hypocrisy

A few days ago an associate professor from Drexel University expressed his desire see a white genocide for Christmas. On Christmas he sent out a tweet that said “To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian revolution that was a good thing indeed.” He was unapologetic and said that he was using satire to mock the concept of “white genocide.” There was no indication from the University that the professor would lose his job, or be disciplined in any way for his nefarious tweet. No one should be surprised by this because in current day America, it is now acceptable to say anything about white people without any fear of repercussions. The fact that this University Professor felt comfortable making such a troublesome statement is a signal of where we are as a society. As usual, the left is held to a completely different standard than everyone else.

Every four years or so the media goes on a trolling spree, digging up the name of David Duke and doing their best to link him to conservatives in an effort to paint the conservative movement, and anyone affiliated with the Republican Party as racists, but they do not bat an eyelid at this type of behavior when it comes from their fellow leftists. The double standard is mind blowing. The good thing however is that we live in the information age, and the left no longer has the media monopoly they once did. They no longer control the narrative, and news organizations like Fox News, The Drudge Report, Breitbart news, talk radio and other media organizations provide a counterweight to their once biased dominance. It is no wonder that people on the left so passionately hate conservative media, and are on a constant drive to discredit it.

In another demonstration of white hatred, a few weeks ago; a black lawyer called for black jurors to acquit any black person accused of killing a white person. This representative of our judicial system doled out the victim card to justify, and advocate for the blatant disregard of justice and fairness when jurors perform their civic duty. There was no outcry in the news media, no calls for this lawyer to be disbarred, there were no protests, or demands for an apology from the usual suspects who are always crying out for racial justice. The self-appointed champions of the victim class are not interested in tackling these barefaced expressions of racism. They are more interested in deciphering the messages in so called “dog whistles,” reading the minds of conservatives or anyone affiliated with the Republican Party to find racist meaning in the most innocuous statements uttered. Once again, it is no exaggeration to say that the left is dangerous, and this ideology must be combated by pointing out their sordid actions.

The lengths to which they will go to further their agenda knows no limits. Whether it is faking hate crimes, harassing Ivanka Trump on a plane while flying with her children, declaring unequivocally like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, that she will not work with the incoming President, or through violence like they are prone to do; the true believers are unafraid. They know that their comrades in the traditional media will always have their backs, and that the consequences they face for the things they say and/or do are never as dire for them as it is for their counterparts on the right. Maybe this is a good thing, because it forces the right to be more circumspect in the way they conduct themselves, and the more that the left continues to behave in the manner they have; people become more aware of who they are. Though the double standard is there, and the traditional media refuses to hold them accountable, the new watchdog media is there to pick up the slack and expose them. Let the left continue to show it’s face.

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