Democrats Address Their Issues

Since President Obama ascended to the Presidency, his party has since lost over 1000 seats across the nation at all levels of Government. Their numbers have dwindled by more than sixty seats in the House of Representatives, they have lost twelve Senate seats, eleven Governor’s mansions, and they now only have full governing control in five states. They have lost mayor’s seats, city and county seats, and at every level of Government. The party is now in a state of disarray and they must do some serious soul searching to try and figure out how to rebound from the devastating losses they have experienced over the last few years. In addressing the Democrats losses the other day, President Obama showed crucial insight and lots of courage laying the blame for his party’s dismal showing at the polls right where it belongs. Fox News! How is that for being on the money? He blamed the network for poisoning people’s minds and muddying up the political waters in a way that they could not clearly see what was in the water. He went on to add to the list of villains, the ubiquitous and shadowy “fake news” outlets that are now saturating the airwaves, the internet and every other medium. Never one to be outdone, Hillary Clinton joined the fray, and also claimed that “fake news” in addition to the Russians, the “alt-right,” and white supremacists are responsible for her loss. Other leaders chimed in, blaming the Nazi Donald Trump, his appeal to the fears of the American people, and his appealing to our “darker angels” as just some of the reasons that the Democrat Party is now in disarray. To battle these nefarious forces of the Republican Party, conservatives and the populist movement that have toppled them from power and taken the nation by storm, they have called on the formidable duo of the old guard in Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Shumer to lead them back to the green pastures of the promised land, out of the political wilderness. To lead the Democratic National Council, they are now looking favorably at the popular, and by no means controversial young congressman Keith Ellison. To show that they are on the right track, Mr. Shumer recently gave a hint of the strategy that they intend to employ, when he recently charged that “Republicans are about to wage a war on seniors.” Mrs. Pelosi, showing that she was quite in touch with the rest of her party declared that she did not think people were calling on Democrats to go in a different direction. Mr. Ellison let it be known that he did not believe the Democrats should forsake identity politics (he actually said this folks).
Now that they have shown their hand, everyone should congratulate them for their self-awareness, their honesty, recognizing their problems and addressing them head on. With such honesty, insight, foresight and the ability to make the tough choices, they should reclaim their former glory sooner rather than later. Let’s cheer them on. They will be back in power sooner than expected. Bravo!

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