The Politics of Fear and Crying Wolf

Hitler, Nazi, fascist, racist, hater, bigot shouts the leftist at any one who does to disagree with the leftist ideology or agenda. The term that is most popular and in vogue currently is white supremacist. To be labeled a white supremacist, all one has to do is read Breitbart News. This labeling is meant to stir deep seated emotions. It is meant to raise the fear factor up a notch or two and cause great alarm amongst minorities, victim groups and anyone else for whom the left sees itself as the premier advocate and champion, and those who sympathize with the cause. No proof of racist, fascist, hateful, or bigoted behavior is ever needed. Those labelled simply have to have a different opinion that the left interprets this way before the political inquisition to silence the offensive opinion begins.

Many of the people who hurl out the term white supremacist have no interest in healing what racial tension does exist amongst the populace. They prefer to keep grasping at straws that they can then hold up as proof that “racism is alive and well indeed.”  Since the election of Donald Trump, the race pimps have been out in full force, and seem to have a bigger vested interest in propagating the myth that white people want to take the country back to the halcyon days when black people rode at the back of the bus.

Weeks after the election, the Clinton campaign is still on the trail trying to convince anyone who would listen that they lost the elections because of the bigots, who apart from being white supremacists, are also sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic and other bigots, but by a long shot their favorite villains are the white supremacists who are about to revive the Klu Klux Klan. The people who continue in their attempt to irresponsibly stir this kind of tension amongst Americans refuse to take a deep introspective look to figure out why their candidate was unable to connect with the electorate, to win the coveted prize. Instead they choose to cast aspersions on tens of millions of Americans who simply wanted nothing to do with someone they considered a flawed, dishonest, corrupt candidate and her destructive policies, in addition to the horrible campaign that she ran.

Since the election of Barrack Obama the Democrats have suffered devastating losses across the country, from Senate and Congressional seats to Governorships, state legislatures and local governments. They have suffered such tumultuous defeat that the Republican Party is now the strongest it has been since the 1920’s.  Instead of looking inwardly for solutions, leftists continue to make excuses for their dismal showing at the polls over the last eight years, and they refuse to accept any responsibility for their own fall. They point instead to scary monsters disguised as the American people. That is fine. Let them continue to hold millions of Americans in contempt. Let them continue to accuse those who disagree with their agenda of being bigots. They can continue to desecrate our great institutions and mock our traditions.  Let them go ahead and be the party of flag burners. They can continue to spew their anti-police rhetoric, and hold the Military in disdain. Let them continue to be the party where anti-American sentiment is welcome, and patriotism is frowned upon. Let them be the party of illegal immigration and the party that holds brutal dictators like Fidel Castro in high esteem while they denigrate the founding fathers who were products of the age in which they lived, yet were way ahead of their time in developing the concepts that laid the foundation that made today’s America possible. Let the Democrat party continue to be the place where freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the second amendment are no longer cherished, but are now considered as major hindrances in the pursuit of their agenda. Let them be the party that continues to push the doctrine of victimhood and government dependence. The American people are slowly recognizing them for who they are as they continue to expose themselves.

The truth is that they can only label people, insult them and accuse them of being evil scoundrels who only want to destroy the elderly, eat babies for dinner, subjugate women, take black people back to Jim Crow while releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere for so long before that type of message reaches a wear out date. So let them continue indeed with their destructive policies, and their derision of the American people. As long as they do, those who continue to believe in the cause of freedom, the virtues of self-reliance, faith in God, respect for our traditions while appealing to our can do spirit, and sense of togetherness will hopefully succeed in advancing their infinitely more upright cause.

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