Violence and the Donald Trump Campaign

Ever since the early days of the Trump Campaign when there were a couple of minor skirmishes between Trump supporters and agitators, the media has gone out of the way to portray Trump rallies as violence fueled mob demonstrations (this was never the case). Donald Trump did himself no favors by encouraging people to inappropriately respond to Democrat agitators in the crowd who were trying to bait such a response. In one instance one man even tried to rush Donald Trump on the stage and had to be restrained by secret service agents. Generally speaking though, there was no more than the regular amount of tussles that you get between supporters of the different parties during every Presidential election. No one was seriously hurt in any of these incidents, and a few people were arrested. Mr. Trump was rightly confronted for telling a few of his supporters in one incident that he will pay their legal fees if they punched someone in the face, in response to an attempt to disrupt one of his rallies. The news media were particularly tough on Mr. Trump (as they should have been) in calling him out on the way he handled these tense situations at his rallies. A Presidential candidate should know better than that, and should encourage cooler heads to prevail rather that respond in the manner that he urged on a few occasions. As has been said on more than one occasion, Donald Trump certainly has not always carried himself in the manner of one aspiring to the highest office in the land, and the most powerful position in the world. After these minor incidents, and being confronted on his role and his response to them, Mr. Trump toned down his rhetoric in responding to agitators at his rallies, and instead began urging his supporters to respond differently to the image that they helped to create.

Since those early days of the campaign, Mr. Trump’s campaign rallies have been more exemplary. Unfortunately, his opponents have failed to acknowledge this, but have gone out of their way to continue painting the Trump supporters as driven by violence. The opposite has been true and instead the tables have turned significantly. There have been many attacks against Trump’s supporters. The response by the traditional media to this violence has been the sound of crickets chirping sweetly in the night. It is astounding that these attacks and general attempts to incite violence by Trump opponents have gone unreported by the liberal arm of the media machine. As usual, reporting on these incidents have been covered largely by those news organizations that leftists/liberals love to hate-Fox News, The Drudge Report Breitbart and others, in addition to talk radio. Leftists/liberals love to call conservatives “conspiracy theorists” whenever conservatives point out liberal bias, but this issue of violence against Trump supporters is one of the starkest examples of this bias by the media. Back in June, supporters of Donald Trump were attacked as they left one of his rallies. People were cornered, some were surrounded beaten to the ground, pelted with bottles, egged etc. In a stunning response to these vicious attacks, the Mayor of San Jose blamed the attacks on Trump supporters. After the attacks, Vox’s Editor Emmet Rensin justified this aggression. He used violence against Hitler as an analogy to justify the attacks on Mr. Trump’s supporters. Back in August Mr. Trump’s motorcade was attacked by protesters, and many of his supporters were also attacked by the protesters. The media downplayed the incident and cast it as just some rowdy protesters against Trump. Since then there have been more attacks against Trump’s supporters, but in all of these situations, when they are mentioned; they are somehow explained as being the fault of the people against whom the acts of violence were perpetrated. Mr. Trump’s supporters are always blamed for the attacks against themselves. The most recent example of this is the bombing of the North Carolina GOP office on Sunday 16 October 2016. CNN somehow managed to spin this act of terrorism by blaming it on Donald Trump.

Yesterday Breitbart news featured an investigative report by Project Veritas that claimed Democrats were using trained provocateurs to incite violence at Republican events across the country employing a tactic called “bird-dogging.” The tactic is allegedly being employed by a Chicago activist named Robert Creamer in coordination with one Scott Foval working with some members of the Clinton campaign. Quite a bit of damning evidence was caught on camera with some of the main actors explaining how they involve purposely stirring up trouble at Trump rallies in an effort to create an unfavorable political atmosphere around him. The term that they used was to create a sense of anarchy around Mr. Trump. This is news that would be looping across the networks if such a thing was happening against the Clinton campaign, and Trump supporters were doing it in coordination with his campaign, but as usual those who raise concerns about this will likely be called conspiracy theorists, using the age old liberal tactic of attempting to insult people into silence. This is not surprising to anyone who knows even a little bit about a man by the name of Saul Alinsky who wrote a book called Rules for Radicals, in which he explains how to achieve the goal of a Social State. Rule number five states that “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” rule number 13 states “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” This is why liberals are seldom willing to engage in the market place of ideas, and often resort to demonizing people to the point where they successfully discredit them without offering a counter argument. In the words of Mr. Alinsky “It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”

It is hard to imagine a time when the press has been so blatantly hostile to any Presidential candidate as they are to Donald Trump while simultaneously ignoring the indiscretions of the opposing Presidential candidate whose deeds far negatively outweigh anything that Mr. Trump has said. One does not have to be a fan or supporter of Donald Trump to see this. It is as clear as the blue sky on a bright summer day. In the end people have to vote for who they want, but please know the issues, have convictions, and vote accordingly.

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