Media Bias and Conservatives

For years Republicans and conservatives have complained that the media is biased against them. They claim that the media purposely misrepresents their views and that the media was complicit in pushing the narrative that this whole political party/movement/ideology was based on a platform of bigotry. The media has framed various aspects of this political platform as steeped in the desire to keep down certain segments of society and keep them at a perpetual disadvantage. Conservatives who wished to implement voter identification laws have been cast as wanting to suppress the black vote. The desire to stem the flow of illegal immigration is portrayed as anti-immigrant. Those who oppose abortion because they believe that it is a reprehensible immoral act to take the lives of the most vulnerable in our society are accused of waging a war on women  and “wanting to tell women what to do with their own bodies.” The misrepresentation does not end with these deliberate distortions. Those who oppose gay marriage are called homophobic. Anyone who wants to see a revision of the tax code and calls for lower taxes for all are accused of “being for the rich.” Then there is the classic “climate change deniers” charge, that is applied to anyone who dares to question the notion that human beings are destroying the planet in the process of simply living their daily lives. This tactic employed by the media in partnership with the Democrat party is used to shame people into silence. Many of the arguments against the positions that conservatives hold are incapable of surviving on their own merit. In the arena of ideas, many of them simply do not stand a chance of survival, so a full on scorched earth assault, designed to make people afraid of voicing their opinions is used to make them afraid of stating their views.

Despite the obvious, the media has always denied its bias and casually dismisses those who call them out on it. Recent development that have come about as a result of the WikiLeaks dump validates what so many have always known-that the media is actively involved in helping to promote a leftist/liberal agenda. Some of the things that we have found out in the last few days include the following:

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and the Clinton Campaign colluded in an effort to discredit the author of “Clinton Cash”. “Clinton Cash” is an account of how the Clinton’s used their Foundation to get rich through “pay for play” and the general selling of influence to anyone willing to pay the price. The book is said to reveal a host of questionable, unethical and in some cases even illegal behavior between the Clintons and outside entities.

Though she denied it, emails showed that CNNs Donna Brazile was given a question ahead of time that was going to be asked of Hillary Clinton. Brazile then passed the question to the Clinton campaign helping the Democrat to get an unfair advantage ahead of the debate.

Mark Leibovich, a reporter from Time, said to the Clinton Campaign Manager about some questions that he had for Mrs. Clinton: “I wanted the option to use all — and you could veto what you didn’t want. That’s why I selected the 5 or 6 I sent to you.”

The Politico’s chief correspondent Glenn Thrush, in an email to John Podesta where he sought approval of a story he intended to run admitted that he was a “hack” for doing that.

Other indicators of the media’s bias can be seen in NBC’s release of the lewd talking Trump recording. NBC was long in possession of this tape and they held on to it with the intent of strategically releasing it to dominate the news cycle leading up to the second presidential debate. This was designed to help the Clinton campaign while simultaneously putting the brakes on Mr. Trumps momentum, and perhaps even bring it to a halt. This is not the action of a news organization that is supposed to be impartial while reporting the news. This is the action of an advocate.

As people remain consumed by the Trump recordings and the accusations against him, the damning revelations against Mrs. Clinton in the WikiLeaks dump is ignored or given minimal coverage by the news media. As they prosecute their case against Mr. Trump, and every indiscretion of his life is put under the microscope, we see that the same treatment is not meted out to Mrs. Clinton. She has never been asked about her treatment of her husband’s accusers. She has never been asked about laughing in an interview over the fact that she was able to get a lesser sentence for the man who was accused of raping a twelve year old who she accused in court of “seeking out older men, in fact”; CNN Reporter Don Lemon has gone so far as to deny that she laughed in the interview, though it is plain to anyone who listens to the tape that Mrs. Clinton is laughing in her discussion of the trial. The Associated Press claims that Donald Trump was wrong when he said that Bill Clinton Never lost his law license. Joy Behar of The View called Bill and Hillary’s accuser’s tramps, and she received no backlash from the media for this. During this whole election campaign cycle, not one question has been directed Hillary Clinton’s way about the negative reports surrounding the Clinton Foundation. She has lied about coming under sniper fire while visiting another country, she has lied about being named after sir Edmond Hillary, she has lied (as we found out from WikiLeaks) about being rejected from the Marines because she was a woman.

Donald Trump is constantly asked about every rumor surrounding him while Mrs. Clinton manages to get away from being questioned about any of the sensational rumors around her.  The blatant examples of bias are endless and serves to show why the press has generally lost its way, and has such a low trust rating. They no longer serve as watch dogs keeping leaders accountable in a Democratic society. They now serve as watchdogs for Democrats and the liberal agenda. The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. Al Gore has been tapped to campaign for Mrs. Clinton while himself being accused as a serial sexual harasser, and no one calls that into question. The examples of media bias without any measure of self-awareness on their part is stunning.

Trump is not the best candidate, many in the Republican Party wish that some other candidate had won the candidacy, but one thing is certain Mr. Trump fights back. The media and the Democratic Party are not accustomed to that, and because of this they have made it their mission to take him down. In the meantime many people who under normal circumstances would never support Trump are rallying more behind him because finally they see someone who is not willing to roll over and play dead after any unfounded accusation of racism or scurrilous accusation meant to destroy his character is lobbed his way. There are two candidates, one is corrupt to the high heavens and has no problem using executive orders to further erode basic rights that people have enjoyed for centuries, and implement unpopular policies that do not stand a chance of making it pass congress. She has made it plain what she intends to do about the Supreme Court, and many other issues that people care about. Her record of failure is stark, in fact she has no significant accomplishment in all of her years in public service. On the other hand we have another candidate who has said some outlandish things and conducted himself in a very untoward manner during the election cycle. He has flip flopped on a lot of the issues, but by the same token he has been very consistent on many of the important ones. The choices could not be clearer. If the issues are what matter to you, and not the personalities of the individuals involved then this is a clear choice.

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