The Skyrocketing Cost of Obamacare

As the cost of Obamacare escalates, as premiums go through the roof, and the cost of co-pays and deductibles head into the stratosphere, people are surprised by it. There have been cutbacks on medicare that are negatively affecting seniors that opponents of Obamacare warned about, and the quality of care is deteriorating. Many insurance companies are leaving the exchanges, and as a result there are fewer choices for people looking to buy health plans. With fewer companies participating in the exchanges, the costs naturally go up. Tax payer dollars are now being used to cover the cost of abortions despite promises that this was not going to happen, people have lost their doctors and many have been forced to give up high quality plans because they did not meet the Affordable Care Act standards, for example; everyone is forced to have maternity care on their plan whether or not they need it (male or female). So if one had a plan he/she was perfectly happy with, he would have had to give it up and take on plans that were exponentially higher because they include all of the mandates of Obamacare. Everybody knew this was going to happen, but those who warned of everything that we are seeing now were accused of not caring for the poor and the dispossessed. As usual liberals/leftists refused to argue on the merit of the issue, their arguments were based purely on emotions and now people are reaping the consequences of putting their trust in the all powerful government who knows what is best for each individual.

Liberals/leftists cannot accept that in an imperfect world, it is impossible to have perfection in any area of life. They come in with their “solutions” that inevitably make things worse because of unintended consequences no matter what it is, but still people continue to look to them for answers. Facing the reality that life is sometimes hard, unfair, difficult and that things sometimes simply do not work out makes people believe in pipe dreams. This does not mean that people should stop looking for solutions to problems, but they must be realistic about life. This Obamacare debacle is a perfect example of how liberalism/leftism is a failure. It seems that in liberalism/leftism, it is better to see people in equal levels of misery than to accept the fact that there are different levels of success, and sometimes because of different abilities, talents, circumstances etc., some people do better than others. Their dream is an “equal” society where no one has more than anyone else. They think that this is ideal without considering the absolute disaster that such a society would be.

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