A Chat about Illegal Immigration

It is not racist nor is it controversial to think that something must be done to address the problem of illegal immigration. It in fact makes sense to address the very real issues that stem from the problem of illegal immigration. People bring their values with them wherever they travel, and if there is a constant influx of illegal immigrants from poor countries, with high crime rates, problems with illegal drugs, lack of education, high rates of single parent homes and many of the social ills that contribute to being a drag on societies and their economies, then it is no stretch to imagine that many of these problems would be transferred to the countries where they emigrate. If then a country does not enforce its borders, and allows into the society an influx of illegal immigrants who do not share their values, then that society will inevitable suffer the consequences of allowing such an indiscriminate flow of people into its borders, as many of these imported values will eventually take root in the illegally adopted society. Many of the people who come to the country illegally are not doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists and other professionals whose education gives them an edge to more quickly adapt to American traditions, and who are able to immediately contribute to these important fields of endeavor. Many illegal immigrants come from countries that do not hold to the dying American ideal of limited Government and individual freedom where people are responsible for their own destiny. Many of them arrive with an expectation that they will be recipients of America’s generous welfare programs and in fact end up being dependent on these programs despite their illegal status.

if a country’s culture is to change, it should happen through a natural evolutionary process that takes place over a period of time as new developments occur. It should not be through a forced, abrupt implementation of alien customs that people have no choice in accepting. America has developed its own culture over the centuries that is derived from a mixture of several influences which have metamorphosed into a culture that is uniquely American. Anyone coming into this country should adapt to the culture of this country-the culture that is uniquely American. Many illegal immigrants come to America and end up in enclaves where many of the negative aspects of the countries from which they came are prevalent or the norm. They often do not hold to the same values. Many of their traditions are part of a counter culture that is not just different, but contrary to American culture, and they have a cavalier and/or dismissive attitude towards American traditions. Many of them expect that Americans cater to their differences, and they refuse to integrate and become part of the larger American Culture. When Americans say that those coming here are the ones who must adjust, these Americans are often accused of intolerance and racism. Most of the illegal immigrants who come to America are from third world countries where they often treat women as second class citizens, they don’t view drinking and driving with the same severity, attitudes towards sexual violence are different, many of them have warped “honor codes,” violence as a means of settling disputes is common in addition to a host of other undesirable behaviors. Many illegal immigrants come to America as seasoned adults who behave in a way that is not compatible with American culture. That is simply not acceptable for many who are concerned with the problem of illegal immigration and these issues must be addressed.

The unabated flow of illegal immigrants will inevitably have a negative economic impact on the country, its citizens, and legal residents who went through the legal process to get permission to live in this country. The large number of low skilled workers who come in to the country help to drive down the wages of Americans, and the issue of “doing jobs that Americans will not do” would continue because many of the people who come illegally in to the country will gladly work for less, driving down the cost of wages for American citizens . The government’s duty is first and foremost to its citizens and residents. There is a moral responsibility to help those who come from other countries who and are less fortunate, but there must be rules, regulations and controls in place to do this efficiently and effectively, in addition; those who wish to come to America must abide by the guidelines that are in place to move here. Many (not all) of the people who come to America have no allegiance to the country, their only concern is to work and send remittances to their country of origin, and this is of no benefit to the United States. The United States owes it to itself to place pressure on the Governments of the corrupt nations from where a large number of illegal immigrants come, to put pressure on them to end corruption, and implement economic policies that give their people a chance at improving their lives. If these governments know that they can “fix” many of their problems by simply allowing an exodus of their citizens to the United States, these governments have no incentive to change the way that they conduct their nations’ business. They then get to continue with their corruption and misrepresentation in perpetuity. The nations from where illegal immigrants come are the ones whose obligation it is to have and put systems in place designed to elevate people from poverty, raise their standard of living, improve their education, and help to make the lives of their citizens generally better.

In addition to the economic problems affiliated with the indiscriminate flow of illegal immigration, there are also medical issues associated with it. America, like other countries in the developed world has done an excellent job eradicating many contagious diseases that much of the developing world still combats. Illegal immigration poses a risk to the welfare of Americans in this regard. Legal immigrants and refugees are required to undergo a rigorous health screening before they are allowed entry into the United States. The center for disease control oversees the program to ensure that those coming to live here do not pose a threat to the health of Americans. Public health institutions assure us that there is no significant risk of contagious diseases to Americans, but these assurances do not take away people’s ability to think and reason logically. In addition, there are numerous examples of the incompetence of Government in efficiently managing even the simplest problems, so being dismissive of the potential health threats posed by illegal immigrants on whom there is no reliable health data is not reassuring to anyone.

Many of the people who wish to come to this country are simply looking for a chance to improve their lives, and also make life better for their families, but nations have laws and people must adhere to these laws the same way that citizens are required to obey the laws of their country. No country has the means to accommodate the indiscriminate flow of illegal immigrants into its borders. Sovereign Nations have a right to set up immigration policies that are beneficial to the countries and their citizens while also extending a helping hand to those in need. There is a compassionate and humane way to deal with the issue of illegal immigration, but it should not involve rewarding people with citizenship for breaking American laws. They should not be allowed the privilege of being able to directly influence and/or determine the trajectory of the nation’s future. Exactly what the right answers are to dealing with the problem is something that should be open to discussion. Those who point out the obvious problems that are inherent in illegal immigration should not be demonized for wanting to fix and end the problem. It is not racist to do that!

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