Why Bill Clinton’s Accusers Matter

The people who continue to say that Bill Clinton is not running for President, and therefore bringing up his sexual predation from the past s is not legitimate issue, are missing the point. The main point of bringing up Clinton’s alleged abuse of these women is because of what they say happened to them after they were targeted by him. They claim that Hillary Clinton who champions herself as the defender of women’s rights and issues, tried to destroy their reputations after they complained about Mr. Clinton. These women say that they were viciously targeted by Mrs. Clinton for daring to raise the issue of her husband’s alleged abuse. That is the point of raising the issue. Everyone knows that Bill Clinton is not running for President, but shouldn’t the Candidate running for President of the United States (in this case Mrs. Clinton) accused of intimidating  rape/sexual assault/sexual harassment victims, at least be questioned with the same rigor and vigor that anyone else (especially a Republican/conservative) in the same position would have to undergo? Why is she not being held to the same standard with an issue as critical as this? How about the twelve year old girl that she targeted as she blamed the victim, during the trial in the defense of the child’s alleged rapist?  It is one thing to do ones job as a defense attorney, but it is quite another thing to laugh about how one was able to get the defendant a lesser sentence based on a technicality, though she was sure in her mind that the defendant was guilty of raping the little girl.  Do these things even matter to people who are concerned with Donald Trump’s words? Hopefully this clears up the issue for the people who refuse to exercise a little bit of intellectual scrutiny on the matter. Hillary Clinton has never, ever been asked about these things, and they should be addressed. If Donald Trump can be castigated for his words from eleven years ago, former Secretary Clinton must be also called upon to give account for her alleged actions. Under different circumstances these women’s cases would have been given a lot more sympathetic coverage, but as usual with leftists/liberals; the cause is bigger than any individual. The mission of turning America into a socialist Utopia is what matters more than anything, and anyone who promises to promote an agenda that furthers that cause will never be held to the same standard by the media. This is why alternative media outlets like Fox news, the Drudge Report and other non-traditional news organizations are so important.

So much attention is being paid to the things that Donald Trump has said, but Hillary Clinton’s actions are continually excused. So much of what she has done is harmful to the country, but the people are willing to promote her to the highest office in the land, and the most powerful position in the world because Donald Trump is such a meanie. Hillary Clinton promises everyone free stuff, and to take care of every ones needs, and that seems to be enough to ignore the destructive policies that she supports, plus her history of unbridled corruption. She says that she will tax the rich and raise the minimum wage, and people respond emotionally to these promises. So many people are unwilling to do any deeper inquiry and investigate further what the macro effects of these policies will be, and are willing to just go along with them. So much shocking, and devastating information has been revealed in the most recent WikiLeaks document dump that confirms much of what we have known about Mrs. Clinton, but the media’s attention remains focused on some obscene language spoken by Donald Trump eleven years ago. No one is defending Mr. Trump’s behavior from earlier in the campaign or his crude conduct prior to that, but people need to see Hillary Clinton in the light of her actions.

In her answer to the question about who she will appoint to the Supreme Court, Mrs. Clinton failed to list fidelity to the constitution as her main criteria for appointing her chosen jurists. She wants to appoint judges who will promote her agenda. Religious freedom in America has been threatened under the reign of the Obama Administration and other Democrats across the country in a way that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. They have also shown their disdain for freedom of the press by their constant attempts to regulate the internet and content websites that are critical of their policies, while freedom of speech is constantly coming under assault more and more like never before, as people are punished for saying the “wrong thing”. Business people have been taken to court and fined for following their conscience on issues that were not considered controversial as recently as ten years ago.

Religious freedom, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech are the bedrocks of a free society, and will be threatened by a left leaning Supreme Court. These concerns are not borne out of paranoia, but from recent precedents set by the Democrat Party. If people are fine with these very real concerns, if these things do not matter, if no one is worried about the effects that a left leaning court will have on the country, then Hillary Clinton is the unmistakable candidate. Remember the words of David Hume “it is seldom that freedom of any kind is lost all at once”.

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