Thoughts on the Revealed Donald Trump Recordings

A couple of years ago a prominent news anchor on a major TV News Network (NBC) expressed his desire for someone to defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth. His diatribe was filled with vitriol. It was an insult riddled piece that attacked Mrs. Palin as “America’s resident dunce” and her “long deceased mind” for using slavery as an analogy for when America’s trillion dollar debt becomes due. Mr. Bashir did not see it fit to deconstruct her argument, and show why he disagreed with her use of the term, but instead made it a point to insult her in the most demeaning way possible. The self-appointed champions of women’s rights on the left were conspicuous in their thunderous, resounding silence because in the world of the left, it is permissible to say anything about conservative women and there will be no backlash. Like black conservatives who are always attacked as “coons, Uncle Toms, and house ni…rs,” conservative women are prime targets of the intolerant left for straying from the liberal plantation. It is for this reason that Bill Maher a few years ago could refer on CNN, with no repercussions to Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin as MILFs (another widely viewed network). Piers Morgan who was hosting the program failed to reprimand his guest for the use of the crude term. Mr. Maher went on to use some other choice words to describe these women who dare to march to the beat of their own drum, while his audience could hardly control themselves chuckling, because they found him so very funny. He called these self made women Bimbo’s, c..ts, t..ts and other names that he pulled out of his wide ranging vocabulary. Not once did this man’s actions ever incur the wrath of the guardians of women’s rights on the left who are always on the lookout for misogyny, that we see when there is the smallest perceived slight towards women from conservatives. Mr. Maher, with his thigh slapping, belly holding, rib tickling, side splitting humor even made jokes about Rick Santorum’s wife using a vibrator, with no media outrage. This treatment of conservative women does not end with Bill Maher. Some of the vilest things have been said by very prominent personalities about conservative women, that; in pursuit of fulfilling the liberal agenda is considered as fair game.

For years the media has excused the behavior Bill Clinton towards numerous women who have accused him of rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment. Mr. Clinton’s defenders have always been swift in their defense of him. Many of the women in question claim to have been threatened by the Clinton Machine, and forced to retreat into silence for fear of crossing these powerful people. In one prominent case, Mr. Clinton’s campaign manager (James Carville), in his effort to discredit one of Mr. Clinton’s accusers famously said of her; if you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find”. In many of these cases, Hillary Clinton has been accused of waging a war to destroy these women’s reputations and their credibility, in order to protect her husband. For years the Clintons have been given a pass by the media, coming under very little scrutiny while others (especially conservatives) have had their lives and reputations destroyed for far less.

In the light of all of these incidents, the media’s double standard that is applied to Donald Trump is breath taking, and mind boggling in its hypocrisy. Donald Trump’s behavior as revealed in the eleven year old recording released by the Washington Post is unacceptable. No one listening to the tape recording of him can excuse his behavior, but in the end his behavior was not criminal. Though many will object to the behavior it is not uncommon to hear men engage in this type of banter amongst themselves. This type of male braggadocio is nothing strange to a lot of men, is common in locker rooms across the country and in cultures around the world. Some men aspire to be more conscious, and aware about their behavior. They conduct themselves in a more appropriate and dignified manner even when no one is watching. That is the type man that young men should aspire and strive to be. It is what many parents teach their sons, but we live in an imperfect world where people are flawed, and often merely give in to their basic instincts.

We should expect, and demand more of a Presidential candidate. The people aspiring to higher office should be exemplars of propriety who young people can look to, and others can point to as those whose lives could be emulated. Though people are justifiably disappointed in Mr. Trump, the recording does not show that he traversed the pathway from simply talking about his sexual exploits and fantasies to abusing women.

In the end, we have two candidates vying for the Presidency of the United States. If anyone is concerned about the balance of power on the Supreme Court tilting towards the left then you know how to vote. If anyone is concerned about the unabated flow of illegal immigrants into the country then the choice is clear. For those who worry about continued infringements of the first amendment, and further deterioration of the second Amendment, there is only one of these two candidates who also have these issues as priorities. One candidate recognizes the threat of Islamic terrorism to the country and the world, the other does not (or refuses to acknowledge it). If you are concerned about law and order, and race relations in the country; the positions of both candidates are very clear. One candidate loves America and wants to make it better, the other thinks it is a terrible place that can only be fixed with more government impositions on people’s lives. If anyone wants to stop the country’s rapid descent into socialism then the choice is unmistakable.

One candidate is crude, politically incorrect, says mean things, and has a tendency to come across as a complete jerk, the other has a record of spectacular failure, unmitigated corruption, thumbs her nose at the rules and believes that they do not apply her. This is it, these are the candidates. People could cast their vote based on emotion, or based on a careful examination of the issues that matter to them, then vote for the candidate whose positions most closely aligns to theirs, and that they honestly believe would be best for the country. Do not get entrapped by the dishonest media. Thank God for news outlets like Fox news that help to counter all of the media bias that is constantly on display, no wonder liberals go into conniptions over these news organizations.

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