The Consequences of Encouraging the Grievance Culture

This is what happens when the grievance culture is encouraged (see the link below). When black people are constantly told that people are out to get them. When they are told constantly that white people are a bunch of racists they feel justified to behave this way because after all they are “victims”. When the same political party, decade after decade continues to tell black people that nothing has changed since the passage of the civil rights bills, and consistently hold black people to a different standard, this is what happens. From mostly black kids, and some irresponsible adults targeting white people in the “knock out game,” to marauding black kids in malls and other public places randomly attacking white people, this sort of behavior is never called out with the same type of fervor that we currently see in Charlotte. More white people die at the hands of black people than black people die at the hands of white people, but that does not matter because liberals/leftists are always standing by to cuddle black people, and tell them that they “understand” though they do not condone the violence. Universities now have on boarding classes exclusively for black students, separate dorms for blacks, they have courses in “white privilege,” and it is now acceptable behavior by university professors, sports media personalities, journalists and commentators to constantly attack the white male, and say things that would cause an uproar if said about a black person by a white person. The restoration of the black family is what is needed to stop this madness. This has nothing to do with police brutality, that is just an excuse to continue propagating the victim culture and it has to stop. When we continually refuse to look inward, when we fail to do any self-examination, but instead point at all of the made up demons as the cause of the problems in the black community, this stuff will never end. Black fathers need to be role models for their children, education must play a bigger role in the communities where these things consistently happen, and people have to stop making excuses for bad behavior and hold these members of the black community to a higher standard. Teach them to respect the police and stress to them the importance of complying with the directives of the police when they have an encounter with them. This is what is needed. The main reasons that the police have so many negative clashes with black people is because black people account for 52 percent of all murders in the country and 67 percent of all violent crime in these inner cities. Things will go wrong when there are so many negative interactions between the police and members of the black community. This does not mean that there are no bad police or racist cops, but they are not the main problem. When they are caught in corruption, abusing their power or behaving in a manner that dishonors their profession they should be prosecuted, but let us honestly confront the problems that exist in the black communities and start applying solutions to change the destiny of the next generation and anyone else willing to change their behavior. All is not lost, because not all black men buy in to the narrative that they are victims, not every black man is walking around enchained in a psychological prison of their own making. There are many black men who are not in captivity on the grievance plantation, who do not walk around every day believing that the system is out to get them. They are free. They have to give young black men a positive message of hope, and help them to see that they do not have to succumb to the victim culture. This is maddening! lets us with the help of God fix it. It is not going to happen overnight, but it is possible over time if we address the problems honestly.

Do ‘White Lives Matter’ in Charlotte? Internet Outrage Grows After Protests Turn Violent

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