Black and Free

To all the autonomous, liberated black people out there. Go out into the coming week like you always do, unencumbered by the paranoid mentality that there is some nebulous system out there actively trying to do you harm. Walk freely while others choose to continue wearing the shackles ordered for them by the plantation owners who wish to keep them enslaved to the narrative that they are under siege, and that their only refuge is to remain a slave of the plantation. You risk being called a coon .ss ..gga, an Uncle Tom or a sell out because you refuse to walk around angry at the so called system, but you know who you are. You are no one’s slaves! You will not be forced to conform to a herd like mentality that requires no intellectual scrutiny or curiosity from you. You understand that the propaganda machine can only survive if it is not resisted. Do not become a captive to it. Hold your head up high with your shoulders squared as you keep moving forward. Face fearlessly the obstacles that you encounter, and even when it is tempting to do so, do not give in to the sheep mindset that forces you to start feeling sorry for yourself. Remember that no one ever goes through life problem free. The problems that you face are not an indication that everything is terrible in America or in the world. You understand well that a country free of racism, and other ills is a Utopian dream that exists nowhere in this present world. Do not let the difficulties that you will surely face define who you are. Remember that how you handle adversity helps to determine your character. Your numbers are few, there is much to overcome, but together you can accomplish anything by helping to change the narrative. Be strong, be of good courage and remember that God is on your side.

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