Fixing What Ails the Black Community

As the saying in the hood goes “F da police” (see the link below). These brazen attackers no doubt feel emboldened to attack the police in this manner because of their liberal/leftist enablers and the certitude that they bear no responsibility for any of the bad things in their life. Had this policeman warned them to back off, but they chose instead to keep acting aggressively, and he had to defend himself for fear of his life; had he drawn his weapon and fired it to defend himself, none of the so-called defenders of black people would talk about the behavior of anyone shot.   Instead the headlines would scream “white police officer shoots unarmed black man,” or if the police officer was black; we would only hear “police officer kills unarmed black man”.

As this crusade against the police continues, the people most likely to suffer the worst consequences from it are…you guessed it, the black people who live in many of these crime infested neighborhoods.  The people who continue to sow the seeds of discord do not have to live with the aftermath of their propaganda, telling black people that there is no justice for them. As the police pull back from proactively engaging in the communities in order to protect themselves, and they respond only to 911 calls and unquestionable emergencies, President Obama continues his community agitating. He will never have to deal with the repercussions. He will never have to contend with the blaring sound of sirens going off outside his window in the dead of night or early morning. He lives in a well-protected fortress with many protective assets at his disposal. His children never have to contend with the scourge of drug dealers hanging around their neighborhoods and school, trying to entice them down the forbidden path into a life of drug addiction.  After Hillary Clinton gives another speech about how the police are killing black men and she accuses everyone of “having implicit bias, not just the police” and she keeps that narrative alive, that the system is against black people, she gets to go home surrounded by secret service agents (anyone of whom will jump in front of a bullet to save her life if it ever came to that). She will never have to worry about cowering behind a couch, or under a bed as shots ring out in the night, whizzing by the head of a teenaged son or daughter who was a bit too slow to seek cover in the urban jungle. The beautiful people of Hollywood who continue to fan these flames and pour fuel on them do not think about the toll this would have on the safety of black people who live in these neighborhoods. They do not have to worry about a stray bullet finding its way to the playroom of an innocent two year old, and making its landing place in the skull of God’s precious creation. None of these agitators ever have to agonize about being labeled a snitch or putting their lives in danger if they dare to give the police information that would help to make their neighborhoods safer from the thugs (no, thugs is not a racist term) who terrorize their own neighborhoods. Members of the media get to pontificate from their air conditioned studios as they self-righteously discuss the hysteria that they helped to create. They all get to go home to protected lifestyles that feature perks like gated communities, round the clock security, body guards, or just beautiful suburban living where the biggest altercations anyone has is with the local HMO about the length of a person’s lawn.

They do however get to pat themselves on the back because they “care,” and for promoting a false narrative, convincing themselves that it is the truth.

None of them have the courage to tell that element of the black community who continues to keep their neighborhoods living in fear, to knock it off. They dare not tell them to do some self-examination and honestly confront the problems that continue to keep so many black people lagging behind. These communities will continue to suffer as long as they insist on engaging in victimology spurred on by their willing enablers. Riding the race horse never allows one to be introspective, to honestly tackle the deep seated, hard issues that greatly contribute to the sad state of affairs in too many black communities.  Many white liberals/leftists may think that they are compensating for past sins or the sins of their forefathers, by constantly telling black people that nothing bad that ever happens to them is their own fault.  They need to stop. They are contributing to the problem in a major way. What they need to do is stop cuddling these bad components of the black community and tell them that actions have consequences, to take stock of their lives, and do the things necessary to bring change.

No one is saying that every police shooting is justified; no one is saying that there are no problems with racism, but these are not the core problems of, nor the main causes for the plight of black America. One black woman was recently featured for recently having her fourteenth child with the fourteenth different father. This is not an isolated case, it happens all too often in many black communities. This situation alone tends to have a negative concatenating effect that helps to ramify the turmoil that is a part of so many black communities. The police are not the real problem.

Let’s get fathers to play a bigger role in the lives of their children, in fact; more should be done to ensure that children are part of a stable, healthy two parent home. Stop marinating in the victim mentality, and look internally to solve problems. Stop looking to government as the source of well-being, stress the importance of education, recognize the police are there to protect the communities they serve, comply with their directives, stop being combative (even when you are in the right), and when there are real problems of police brutality and/or racism, use the channels that are in place to fight, and rectify the problems. The old approach is not working.

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