A Message to All Independent Black Men

To all the independent thinking black men who have a contrary message of hope, keep your head up. Continue preaching your message of optimism. You have reason to be optimistic. Your expectation of good things is based on a firm grip of reality. In the face of all the America hating, do not stop telling young black men that they have no reason to despair, that they are enormously blessed to live in this country where they have tremendous opportunities to achieve their goals and be successful. Instill in them a healthy respect for hard work. Remind them that even if it is true that they will face an element of prejudice in their lives that is unique to them, they can still rest assured that most Americans of every color and ethnic background want them to be successful, that the mechanisms to help them succeed are firmly in place, and within their grasp. Let them know that they do not have to walk around encumbered by the notion that the system is designed to keep them down. Help those who believe the lie to cast off the chains of mental slavery that keep so many young black men from reaching their full potential.   Warn them against assuming the posture of a victim lest they begin to act like victims. Encourage them to reject the cynicism that leads to a life of self-pity and truly serves to keep them down. Convey to them that knowledge, and a mind that is willing to learn a different way are keys to help them unleash their latent ability, into a life exploding with possibility. Teach them to laugh at the mockers who will call them Uncle Tom for adopting this attitude, and embracing this positive outlook on life. Let them know that a blessed life is not one that is free of trials (bad things sometimes happen). Help them to see that obstacles and difficulties can be used as ingredients that lead to growth and blossoms into a truly fruitful life. Last of all remind them that God is on their side, that by his grace, his mercy, and his everlasting love they can do all things through his strength.

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