Mrs. Clinton’s health

Today a reporter from NCB news was lambasted, ridiculed and insulted by members of the Hillary Clinton campaign for reporting on Mrs. Clinton’s most recent coughing fit that she had during her campaign rally. Rather than respond in a professional manner to what is a legitimate news story, campaign staffers resorted to hurling insults the reporter’s way. They were not the only ones to respond this way. Others in the leftist biosphere and leftist media who have a long abandoned any pretense of objectivity also ran to the defense of Mrs. Clinton, and many castigated the reporter for reporting on Mrs. Clinton’s incessant coughing. Nothing to see here they declared, not a news story. As an advocate organization of Mrs. Clinton, this was a strange place for NBC news to find themselves (at the receiving end of liberal venom). It is one of the reasons that leftists/liberals have such a virulent hatred of Fox news. They are one of the few news organizations that does not automatically bash conservatives, and they dare to do the unthinkable by challenging the Democrat party on their inconsistencies, and other real issues that concern many members of the public. The vitriol that is usually directed at reporters like Mr. Rafferty who reported on the coughing fit is not anything new for Mrs. Clinton s campaign. This is standard operating procedure for the left in general, but particularly for Mrs. Clinton and her campaign. It is meant to remove attention from the issue at hand and cause everyone to refocus attention to the target on which they have aimed their arrows. Why address the legitimate concerns over Mrs. Clinton’s health concerns, (concerns brought on in part by the coughing fits) if you can portray as kooks and conspiracy theorists those raising this valid issue. To be clear no one is saying for certain that Mrs. Clinton’s health issues render her unfit for the Presidency. People are simply addressing the questions that have arisen because of these incessant issues, like her four and a half minute coughing fit at the rally. To ask questions on this issue is to be reasonable, but in classic liberal fashion; Mrs. Clinton’s campaign instead choose to attack personally anyone who questions their immaculate candidate. People need to start paying more attention to the scorch earth tactics of liberals/leftists and concentrate on the issues by clearing through the fog of innuendo, insults, personal attacks and the politics of personal destruction. The left has gotten away with this type of behavior for so long that they now believe they can say anything without ever being called out by those in the media, whose responsibility it is to hold all leaders (not just conservatives and Republican leaders) accountable. Liberals must not be allowed to get away with avoiding the legitimate issues that people raise, nor should they be allowed to get away with shifting focus by insulting those who challenge them. Keep them accountable.

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