In a land far away there is a place where many liberal/leftists can finally find true happiness and contentment. In this land, unicorns roam freely in lush fields of orchids. As they roam they sprinkle magic petals and leave trails of miracle dust that continues to make everything alright. In this land there is no competition for anything, no visible opposition on any issue, and everyone agrees on everything.  The people are all beautiful and everyone’s a winner there! No one is judged for their behavior, there are no consequences for the decisions people make or the acts they commit. There are no grievances, no injustice, no war, no racism no crime and everyone is equal. Best of all there is no police. No effort is required to make ones dreams come true, or to achieve ones goals, no one wants for anything, there are no obstacles to overcome, and nothing bad ever happens there.  In this perfect place Colin Kaepernick was seen mysteriously standing with his hand on his heart paying tribute to what sounded like the American national anthem.

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