Protesting the Anthem

Why does a black woman with the potential to go as far as her ability, ambition, talent, drive and willingness to work will take her in the profession she has chosen believe that her country “does not have her back”? In a profession where there are so many success stories of blacks and minorities, where they are so well represented and rise to the highest positions of power, this woman feels the need to portray herself as a victim while trying to cast herself as brave for her stance. The answer is simple. She has been indoctrinated over the course of her lifetime to believe that she is a victim! Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, she continues to hold on to the notion that everyone is out to get her. Despite the abolition of slavery, the rejection of Jim Crow, despite the integration of the Military, Brown vs Board of Education, the civil rights acts of 1957, 1960, 1964 and 1968. Despite all of the measures taken by the country (and that it continues to take) to right the wrongs of the past and address current injustice, she believes that the country is victimizing her. She believes that nothing bad should ever happen in a just country. This woman is a product of an education system that does not tell her all of the reasons that she should be thankful to be an American. Instead they point to the faults and the mistakes of the country to show her why she should be in a state of perpetual anger and distrust. In addition she has been fed the narrative by liberals/leftists in the Democratic party that every bad thing that happens in her life or the life of every other black person is the fault of “the system”. She is proud to wear the mantle of victim, she sees herself as brave for standing against “the man”. While she is physically free, her many self appointed masters continue to wield unflinching power over her mind. She willingly and gullibly consumes the story line that she is fed by them.Like so many other black people, she willingly keeps herself psychologically enchained, trapped in a state of mental slavery from which she refuses to free herself. As long as this young woman and others like her feel justified pointing their fingers at others for all that is wrong in their lives, or in the black community in general; they will never be able to truly confront the issues that must be addressed and find true solutions to the problems that ail them. This is sad.

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