Recognize and Break Free Black People

The anti-police sentiment that now exists amongst black people in the country has been cultivated over a period of decades by politicians wanting to win the black vote. After being on the wrong side of every civil rights movement in the country’s history, these politicians embarked on an insidious plan to sway the black vote to their side. After the civil rights act of 1964 was finally passed, politicians who opposed the legislation began to tell black people that nothing had changed and they should now look to said politicians for salvation.

Despite all of the progress that blacks have made in so many different fields, and the many obstacles that they have overcome, these politicians have advanced a narrative that black people are victims of white America. Today we have a black President, and other black leaders have held some of the most powerful positions in government, black people are well represented in the public sector, black General Officers have climbed to the highest positions of power in the Military, black people all across academia are in positions of influence, there are many successful black businessmen, and people fill arenas all across America to see black people who dominate the major sports leagues. In America, black people have access to numerous programs meant to help them advance their station in life, there are government agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that ensures employers do not discriminate against black people in the workforce. The Government aggressively goes after businesses that engage in discriminatory practices. Big businesses like Denny’s, Texaco, and Abercrombie and Fitch know firsthand the consequences of allowing discrimination in the workplace. Businesses all across America have strict codes that serve to prevent discrimination in the workplace, and workers receive ongoing training to ensure that those they employ follow these codes. Interracial marriages are not uncommon and lynching is a thing of the past.

In the face of so much evidence, many now claim that the discrimination is more subtle, it is disguised they say. They offer no proof of racism, and all of their claims seem to be based on some innate ability they possess that allows them to read what is in people’s minds, and to determine motivation. They are unable to point to concrete evidence of racism so they now talk about dog whistles and racist undertones. Every bad experience that a black person has is now deemed to be racist, every misfortune is reflexively blamed on racism, every attempt to wean people off the government teat to a life of independence is said to be racist. 

People must no longer be silent. The political party that has pursued this strategy of division for the last five decades must now be called out because their race baiting has crossed a line, and their demagoguery is now literally costing lives. Since the victories of the civil rights movement, and the advances that have been made in race relations, it is the same political party that has continued to insist that things have not changed. The time has come for black people to seriously reassess and reconsider their political alignment. As black people continue to be told that the system is against them, these same politicians continue to be in charge of the major cities where chronic problems like crime, unemployment, failing schools, and poverty are highest. Cities like Baltimore, Ferguson, Chicago, Detroit and other inner cities with these chronic problems have not seen changes in the political structure for decades. These cities are all run by the same political party that continues to blame the nebulous system for the problems that many of their constituents face. It is no wonder that today, despite all of the progress that has taken place; the country is experiencing the worst race relations in decades. The pandering of these politicians has led to a tragic turn of events which have led to the targeting of police officers. What is particularly disturbing is that a lot of the divisive rhetoric is coming from the highest levels of power. These people continue to push the false narrative and refuse to allow the nation to heal because it serves their purpose to pit people against each other.

It is time for people (especially black people) to rebuff these politicians, and the political party that have continued to thrive for so many years off of the division they have created. The incessant drumbeat and constant appeal to race has become a cancer on the nation, and if we fail to recognize the cause of it we will continue to be captives to its sinister grip. Black people, it is time to break free of these taskmasters! We can do better. Look around and take a good look at who has been running your cities, it is not the people that you continue to blame. Like parasites, these politicians are sucking away the life force of so many black communities, but for some reason black people continue to look to them for respite. No political party has all of the answers to the problems that ail us. It is by the grace of God and putting our trust in him that we will know true success, however; It is our solemn duty to ensure that those we give stewardship over our affairs are the people who truly have our best interest at heart.   

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