Leadership in the Black Community

Kudos to the rapper The Game! The rapper called for an anti-violence summit of gang members in South Los Angeles after his brother became a recent victim of violence. According to the LA Times, the summit had quite the turn out as several hundred people showed up to attend. People were grateful to see these men take a stand and make a move to address the problem of violence in their neighborhoods. This is the second time this month that The Game has been involved in making a bold move to address the problem of violence in his community. He and Snoop Dogg, in a show of solidarity earlier this month; reached out to the police in an effort to help heal wounds and address the issue of violence. The game, a former gang member who understands the culture of violence is looking inward and not outward, he is not blaming or attacking the police despite issues that the community may have had in the past with the police. He no doubt understands that the police as a whole (again, despite the bad apples) are a part of the solution and not the problem. This is the type of effort that is required to reduce violence overall and ease tensions with the police in these communities. There are no easy fixes, and the effort will require a broad range of solutions to be effective. These men are showing the type of leadership that is necessary to effect change in the communities close to home that are plagued by violence. It is a great start. They should be recognized and commended for their effort. Let us all strive to be better by looking inward.

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