Government, the Giver of All Things

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. No one will ever have to worry again. Everything will be free! The government’s got you covered. From now on everything thing will be provided for the citizens of the country. There will be no more poor people, no more homeless, no more unemployed, or disadvantaged. The inventiveness that is usually born out of necessity and/or hardship will no longer be needed because big daddy will take care of your every need. Difficulty will be a thing of the past because no one ever deserves to struggle in life. The rich will pay for everything and they will not pass these costs back to the people. In addition, with a stellar record of stewardship by the government, there will be no increase in the twenty trillion dollar debt. No matter ones skill, education, dedication or effort, everyone deserves a living wage and by gosh; they will get it. The sweeper or dishwasher making fifteen dollars an hour will not evoke thoughts and a response by higher skilled workers like plumbers, electricians and builders, or professionals like engineers, lawyers and doctors to demand more for their services. Entrepreneurs will not be affected by increased costs, businesses will not automate more, and no jobs will be lost as a result. There will be no unintended consequence to all of this government intervention in the economy, like a few years ago when the government forced banks to lend money to people who could not afford it, and the banks in turn came up with flimsy schemes to recover their money, which eventually resulted in the housing collapse. Life will be one big paradise, every thing will be honky dory, and no one will ever want for anything ever again. The natural negative consequences of living will be a thing of the past. Woohoo! Now let’s go out there and make sure that Santa Clause gets elected!

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