What it Means to be Truly Black

The venom that is constantly spewed at any black person (like Stacey Dash) for having an opinion that is not in sync with the rest of liberal views is further evidence that in the eyes of the elite, no black person is supposed to have an independent, or contrary view that liberalism is a failure. Every black person must be a supporter of Barrack Obama or be labeled a “traitor to his/her race”. It is not permitted to point out that one of the first things our President did when he first took office, was stop a very successful school voucher program that was such a big help to many poor black families who have been failed by the public school system. We should all dutifully go along in step with the liberal orthodoxy that we are victims, that the white man is out to get us and is the cause of all our problems. We must believe that institutional racism is the reason so many of our communities are underprivileged and poverty stricken. We dare not contradict our liberal masters who tell us that the police is the enemy of the black man. Woe unto us when we point out that black people kill their own more than any other group, and that black people commit more cross ethnic murders than any other group. When we look at liberal cities like Baltimore, Ferguson, and Detroit we must ignore that they have been hotbeds of liberal experimentation, and have been run by liberal and mostly black politicians for decades, yet they have all ended up in the same predicament.

These opinions, by decree of the black thought police are off limits. The official purveyors of black thinking have declared what our approved position should be on these difficult social issues. End of discussion! We must stop being so uppity, believing that we could think for ourselves, because it is evident that we are incapable of doing this. To be truly black we must ignore the overwhelming evidence that the pathway leading to the American dream is there for us to take. Instead we must highlight the unfortunate circumstances that black people sometimes face, and propagate the falsehood that it is proof America is hostile to black people. We must latch on in solidarity to the “Black lives matter movement” because they are the ones who hold the official position on what ails the black community.

Those responsible for telling us how to think have declared that it is anathema to tell certain elements of the black community that they have to take responsibility for their own actions. We dare not point out that it is a disservice to black people, to blame all of their ills on “the man”. The law has been laid down by our white liberal overlords and official black “leaders”. Black people are not supposed to think for themselves, they must not conjure an independent thought that contradicts what we have been told to believe, no matter the consequences. Our controllers have spoken! Those of us who dare to differ shall feel the wrath of these rulers who have appointed themselves the arbiters of what black people should think.

They will make an example of anyone who does not toe the line. It then becomes legitimate to viciously target those who have fallen out of line. Stacy Dash can be called the White Ann Coulter dipped in butterscotch without a word of outrage from anyone, Condoleezza Rice can be called aunt Jemima without any objection from the Al Sharptons of the world, and Clarence Thomas can be labeled a lazy ignorant Uncle Tom, because that kind of vitriol is legitimate when directed at those who stray. Ben Carson is an idiot because he believes in conservative principles, a successful black woman like Deneen Borelli can be called the vilest names without a word of protest from the owners of black opinion, because in their minds; she deserves it. These successful black people are not to be admired for their many accomplishments, for being fine models of what is possible when one works hard. They deserve to be scorned. To be truly black, one must propagate the falsehood that black people are under siege in this country, and that most of the bad things that happen to them is because of racism.

We dare not conjure an independent thought that goes against the grain because our masters have spoken it.

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