The Danger of Liberalism

At its core, liberalism is the belief that people are incapable of taking care of themselves and therefore need to look to the government to supply their needs. Liberalism does not accept that in life bad things sometimes do happen, and that there is no way to eliminate the natural negative consequences of living. In Liberalism one assigns a villain to every bad thing that happens, and there is a belief that the government can legislate every problem away. As a philosophy it is based on vapid, empty, feel good utopian dreams that will never be realized. Liberalism does not accept that in life things sometimes just go wrong, and that often no one is to blame. At the heart of this philosophy is the belief that good intentions matter (despite the consequences) most. It is based on pure, unadulterated emotionalism, and because of this people lose sight of the reality that life is sometimes just “unfair”.

In the effort to fix what people used to overcome through tenacity, hard work, innovation, by neighbor helping neighbor, and churches and other charitable organizations contributing to society, all types of disastrous policies are implemented with not much thought about the long term consequences of these policies.  Liberals say things like “no one should have to work two jobs just to take care of their family”. If something is considered to be a critical need for survival, liberal dogma says that people should not have to struggle to pay for it.  In liberalism, charity is the government taking people’s money and distributing it to others. Liberals will express rage at any rich person caught in unscrupulous dealings, but never express that same anger at a corrupt, incompetent government that is seventeen trillion dollars in debt. Left up to liberalism, no one would have a story of overcoming, or the inventiveness that is often born out of adversity.

One example how liberalism causes harm is the way that it has practically caused the cost of health insurance to go through the roof (even before Obamacare) because of government mandates. With each new mandate by the government, the insurance companies would raise their prices to make up for increased cost. Liberalism strives to create a perfect system where nothing ever goes wrong, and each time that something does go wrong, more rules are made up to fix it, then there are more unintended consequences that become part of a vicious circle. They believe that problems, through some magic formula must be distributed proportionately amongst the population.

Liberalism does not prepare people for the real world. In a culture that says everyone is a winner, where participation trophies abound, where coaches are fired for allowing players to play too hard against inferior teams, where college faculty must prepare “safe spaces” for students who are “hurt” by speech they deem to be offensive, and where feelings trump everything else, young people are often unprepared to deal with the reality that life is sometimes difficult.

It is liberalism that drove the decision by the government to take the banks to court to force them to stop asking questions of their customers that validate their customers’ ability to repay loans. It is liberal philosophy that made the justice department then place pressure on the banks, and threaten to sue them if they did not lend money to people who obviously could not repay those loans. When the banks devised schemes to make back their money, and the whole thing came crashing down, liberals blamed the banks without looking at the role their philosophy played.

It is liberal philosophy that is responsible for the ban of the most effective treatment ever for mosquito borne diseases. As a result of this ban, tens of millions of people all around the world have died from diseases like malaria and yellow fever. Today DDT is once again being looked at by the World Health Organization as a viable option to fight vector borne diseases, but no one will ever be held accountable for the ban that has cost millions upon millions of lives over the decades because of this foolish policy that was implemented in the first place.

Liberal philosophy ignores the unintended consequences of human trafficking, and the steady flow of drugs across the border, or that a country without borders is likely to become a pipeline for all types of criminal elements and health risks. Liberals do not consider the economic consequences of illegal immigration to workers in this country It does not cross their mind that corrupt governments will never have an incentive to mend their ways as long we openly encourage illegal immigration. What makes liberalism a particularly dangerous philosophy is that to a large extent it is based on good intentions, and because of this it often clouds the judgement of many otherwise decent and intelligent people.

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