The Racebaiting Continues

     The race baiters are at it again! Politicians are busy accusing other Senators of racism for saying that they will not confirm President Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court. These are the same people who invented obstructing nominations to the Supreme Court. With the tables turned they are turning to the reliable tactic of inciting racial tension. Is there anyone who is just really sick and tired of this constant effort to stir up racial division in this country? Without ever offering any proof, claiming to know what is in the mind of others; these people just throw accusations of racism up in the air.
     A few years ago they had a proposal to block any nomination to the Supreme Court for eighteen months, because they did not want the outgoing President’s pick to have such a long term effect on the court. Now they are crying racism. STOP IT! This race baiting is not new, it is part of a well thought out strategy that is meant to create discord, and win the votes of black people, by pandering to their insecurities. The Irony of this behavior is that these people, who are always so quick to cry racism and accuse anyone who opposes their policies of racism, are the same people who have no problem disrespecting any black person who dares to stray from the liberal plantation. Black conservative thinkers are fair game as far as these people are concerned. They never call their behavior racist. It is ok to say the vilest and most hateful things about people like Ben Carson, Armstrong Williams, Mia Love, Stacy Dash and any other black person who dares to wander off the reservation of liberalism. Decent people are tarred and feathered for no other reason than being independent thinkers who do not buy in to their propaganda.
     People must utterly reject this behavior. Be free to support whichever political party you choose, but at least take a deeper look at, and learn about the issues. Go beyond the clichés and the narratives. Make a genuine effort to learn both sides of the issues, then develop a philosophy based on knowledge, but reject this abhorrent behavior that constantly demonizes people for believing that there is another way, a better way to do things. You may find it to be very liberating.

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