Don’t Forget Who The Left Is

As the self righteous left continues to pontificate and paint themselves as the salt of the earth, do not forget who these people are. These same people who continue to talk about a bunch of unarmed thugs who stormed the Capitol as insurrectionists are the same people who appealed to violence over and over again during the Trump Presidency. Violence was a staple that they used in their resistance to Trump. Do not forget it, violence, intimidation and breaking all of the political norms that are usually afforded a President went out the window with Donald Trump. This all happened just four years ago all the way up to last the last Presidential inauguration. It is too early for revisionism.

Leading up to President Trump’s inauguration, it was no lesser figure than the race pimp John Lewis who called Trump an illegitimate President. He and 66 other members of Congress refused to attend President Trump’s inauguration. Maxine Waters said that she would not ever work with him on any issue and before Trum was even sworn in she talked of impeaching him…before he was even sworn in.

Don’t forget that during Trump’s inauguration leftist mobs raged and rioted on the streets of Washington D.C. They smashed cars, and store fronts. They got in violent confrontations with the police set cars on fire, and damaged police vehicles. Who can forget the dramatic picture of a stretch limo that was set on fire by the marauding hordes of protestors. By the time it was over the police arrested over 200 agitators.

They did not restrict their actions to Washington D.C. though they took their protests to cities across America during the inauguration. How about when the day after the inauguration leftist agitators shouted “not my President?” They blocked highways and other roadways, and in Portland they even caused the delay of trains.After Trump was inaugurated the FBI put out information to the media about a supposed dossier that showed Trump paid prostitutes to pee on a bed on which Obama had slept, then based on absolutely nothing they launched a three year attack accusing Trump of being a Russian stooge. Democrats and the news media proceeded to call Trump all sorts of names. Even former spy chiefs James Clapper and Paul Brennan were all over the airwaves suggesting and saying that Trump is a Russian asset. For the entire four years that Trump was President they never let up from their attacks. To this day Hillary Clinton continues to refer to Trump’s tenure as President as illigitimate.

We had Maxine Waters encouraging people to get agressive and harass members of Trump’s team in gas stations, theaters, and supermarkets, wearing a MAGA hat became a potential hazard to the wearer, celebrities were on Twitter and all over the media competing to see who could attack Trump in the most vile manner, while many of them openly spoke of how delighted they would be if he died a violent death.

The Democrats in the Senate held up Trump’s cabinet nominations and they did everything in their power to sabotage his every move. They could not even rejoice when he killed two of the most violent terrorists responsible for the deaths of Americans across the globe. Even that was an occasion for them to criticize Trump. They called Trump every nasty name in the book and for the entire four years Tump was unable to find any cooperation from the Democrat Party. They railed and they railed and they railed against him down to his final days. They then impeached him for inciting an “insurrection” even though from the transcript of Trump’s speech, from video and audio no one can point to anything that Trump said that incited violence. This is not even one quarter of the story.These are the people who would lecture the deplorables. Pay these hypocrites no mind.

BLM’s Response to the Cuba Protests

When calling the Democrat Party machine and the whole leftist cabal evil, it is not meant as hyperbole. In the truest sense of the word, these people are evil. The latest example that demonstrates this is the BLM scammers. They are blaming the United States for what is happening in Cuba right now. It is not the Cuban Government. It is not that the Cuban people are tired of real oppression, (not the fake oppression that BLM claims is happening in the U.S.) and the denial of the most basic human rights. Nah…that’s not it. It is the fault of the U.S.A.

But who is surprised by this really? The BLM hero Colin Kaepernik is a fan of the Cuban Government and their system. During his clown show a few years ago, when he was wearing socks depicting the police as pigs, Mr. black Freedom fighter himself was wearing a T-shirt of the brutal Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and justified it by saying that Castro invested in more schools than prisons. That’s when someone took the opportunity to celebrate Adolph Hitler for the beautiful autobahn system that became a model for the world. Those six million Jews, plus millions more who died at his hands…meh. You get the point. So here we have the morally bankrupt, evil BLM, so filled with hatred for their own country, unable to recognize that in Cuba black people are third class citizens.

The working class in general are second class citizens, and people have literally died by the tens of thousands and continue to die at the hands of a brutal socialist regime. People are tortured, and jailed by the thousands for daring to oppose the regime. It is really a police state, but who cares, as long as the get to say down with America.

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