Wokeness at ESPN

The wokeratti civil war going on at ESPN has been interesting to observe. You have the woke white female who is all in on the Black Lives Matter train and the whole diversity none sense, going up against the super woke black female also in on the BLM scam. Make no mistake the white female is woke. She is down for the black cause. Like many woke white lefties she has no problem talking about injustice and all of the other SJW talking points, pretending that black people are oppressed in America.

Like so many of the white agitators who are constantly stirring up grievance and discontent amongst black people, she is unwilling to start with herself.  She is not willing to give up her white privileged position for the cause. It’s always those other evil whiteys. The buck stops there…with those other evil whiteys, not “here” with her.  Let those other white people sacrifice their white privilege and give some oppressed deserving black person a chance. 
After Nichols forgot to disconnect her transmission while broadcasting from her hotel room, She was caught in a private conversation complaining that the beautiful and talented black female, Maria Taylor had cost her her prestigious gig at ESPN. Nichols had no problems with Taylor getting opportunities to expand her horizons, just expand somewhere else. Just don’t mess with my gig was her complaint.

It’s a familiar story isn’t it? I’m good, everyone else is bad. It’s especially true in the wokeratti. They have no problem stirring up discontent and encouraging grievance, telling how everyone else is out to get the particular victim class of the moment, but the wokeratti themselves are never the problem. Because they are so good at creating monsters, they always keep focus off themselves. They then get to rhetorically set the world on fire and wreak metaphorical havoc. In the process many of the wokesters get to pat their own shoulders for being good white people. 

Of course in this instance the conversation of Nichols complaining about her equally woke black female colleague added a plot twist and now the lights are turned on her. She is now cast as the insensitive privileged white female who Iacks self awareness. She says one thing in public, but when the cameras are off makes her true feelings known.

On the other hand you have Maria Taylor. What do you say about this woman? She has so much going for her. She is talented. She is bright. She is personable. She is competent. She is successful. On top of all of that, she is a physical specimen. She is incredibly attractive. She is TV gold. 

Despite all of that, at times when you listen to her; the attribute she seems to cherish more than anything is her blackness. Like so many in sports media, it often seems like she sees the world in terms of the oppressor and the oppressed. That viewpoint often colors the way she interprets many of the issues she covers and also her commentary on a lot of what is happening in the world of sports and other areas.
Another thing that stands out in this saga is the way that Nichols is being cast as a racist for her comments. People in the leftist sports media and the wokeratti in general are convinced that her white privilege gives her a blind spot so that she can’t even see her own racism.

What is crazy is that Nichols may be right that Taylor was given the NBA finals gig as a token gift for being a black female. It is also wild that people think it is ok to accuse a whole group of people of so called privilege, but if one member of that group says that she lost her job to a black female because of affirmative action then everyone acts like the world is on fire.It’s not that Taylor does not have what it takes to do the job. She is very capable. In addition she may have a unique perspective to add to her coverage of the NBA finals as a basketball player herself. She has what it takes to do the job, but in the world of the righteous woke, where color and identity politics as a whole is prime; these two women may simply be collateral damage in the stupidity of the diversity games where everyone is either oppressed or oppressor.

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