Some thoughts on the Democrats, race and Trump

The Democrats dim view of their country

Last week the Democrats laid out their dystopian views, and their socialist vision and agenda for America. They trotted out their most desperate and uninspiring prophets of doom to tell us how terrible of a country the United States of America is. 

One by one they came, dripping with raw condescension, self righteous smugness, and as bleak a disposition they could muster. They played the race card to the hilt, and they pushed the victim narrative to all within the sound of their voice. This time though, they did not just play the race card. They brought along their high powered race car, shifted it into high gear, put their feet on the gas, and it was pedal to the metal. 

This is par for the course with this political party. Usually by this time with the help of the media, they roll out David Duke and start trying to connect him to the Republican candidate, but they did not go that route this time. 

What, with all of the race chaos that they’ve stirred up since the death of George Floyd, who needs David Duke? They’ve got all of the ammunition that they need. Cities burning, race riots, BLM terrorizing people in their neighborhoods, the Democrats are loving it all. 

Best of all, they get to blame it all on one Donald Trump. OOOHH boy! On top of all of that their is a pandemic and economic fallout from it. 

This is a Democrat politician’s dream. They are in hog heaven with this dim outlook of misery. 

The media and their Democrat political allies still do not get why people voted for Trump

When the announcement that Donald Trump was running for President was first made, the response here was the same as it was all across the nation. Laughter!  Literally! There was not just laughter though, but peals of rib tickling, thigh slapping, belly aching, reverberating laughter. What an idiot! Rich though he is, but what an idiot. Donald Trump, Mr. birther himself? The thought was this should be interesting. 

Then his campaign began. Surely he’ll self destruct in about two minutes. Then he started talking! Wow, this guy is going to bury himself real quick. We all knew that it was not going to last. There’s no way anyone would take this clown seriously. 

But then something happened. The guy started addressing real issues that were affecting everyday Americans. He was not spitting platitudes, neither did he pander to any group. Sure he was brash. He was uncouth. He was often petty and other times he was mean spirited. Despite all of that though he was addressing real issues and people started evaluating what he said. 

He talked about immigration, America’s endless wars, China, NAFTA, and a bunch of other issues in a way that no politician had addresed these issues before. Soon his message started to resonate with more and more Americans. This man might be a jerk but he is making sense. The more that people listened to him the more sense he seemed to  make. 

He asked black people “what do you have to lose” by voting for him, and when the media and Democrats went to their playbook and pulled out the pulled out the race card, he did not stick his thumb in his mouth, go into the fetal position, start rocking back and forth, feeling sorry for himself because the were trying to pin the race card on him. He continued to address the issues. He told black people the truth, pointing out that life for a large section of black America has not improved despite them voting Democrat for decades. He fought back against the attacks. He called out the media and he promised that he would be a different kind of President. Add to all of that he was running against a candidate by the name of Hillary Rodham-Clinton. 

Millions of Americans were willing to look past his flaws, listen more and perhaps take a chance on him. They forgave his personal attacks on John McCain. They called him out on it and they move on, keeping the bigger picture in mind. When he encouraged people get physical with those disrupters at his rallies, they called him out on it. He modified his behavior and they move on, still keeping in mind the bigger picture, remembering who his opponent was and the policies she espoused. 

No matter what the media threw at him, he fought back and he pointed out  their willingness to turn a blind eye all the wrong doings, and moral failures of Democrats over decades. 

As Trump vanquished his foes one at a time, he kept a laser focus on his message. Despite the obvious fact that his message was creating an impact on the electorate, none of the other candidates addressed in a meaningful way any of the issues that he raised. 

When it came time to choose a President the people had a clear choice. Vote for the jerk who is addressing real issues and policies, or vote for the candidate with the most destructive policies of any candidate running for President. 

It was never any more complicated than that. 

Gaslighting on racial discord

When it comes to gas lighting on race, no one does it like the Obamas.

Michelle Obama and her husband Barrack Hussein Obama the great engage in some of the most shameless race hustling that is even imaginable. These people continue to stoke fear among black citizens, constantly telling them that life in the United States is a hellish, dystopian cesspool. 

The question is, why would these people continue to do this. Why would they continue telling black people that the world is against them, America hates them, and to get ahead blacks must remember that they are starting 20 paces behind? 

What is the motivation behind this dark message they keep preaching to black people? 

Yes there is racism that exists because we live in a an imperfect world. People do bad things to each other. That is just the world that we live in, but the idea that black people cannot get ahead because of racism is just nonesense. Why are they constantly stoking this unreasonable fear among black people, how is this helpful? 

Black people in this country need to wake up and stop buying into this foolishness. Blacks are being played by people with an evil agenda meant to keep them in the bondage of fear. 

Perched from their million dollar mansion, with their multi-million dollar Netflix contract, with their children attending the best schools, their high level security, and all of their privileges; Michelle Obama, Barrack Obama, and their Democrat political allies continue to tell black people that in America blacks cannot expect good to happen the black population. The system is designed to keep black people down for no other reason than that they are black.  

This is wrong what they are doing and it is getting people killed.

Wake up black America. These people do not have the best interest of black people at heart.  

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