Barrack Obama race baiter supreme at his absolute worst

Barrack Obama showed up at the funeral of John Lewis and held a political rally where he called for the elimination of the filibuster, calling it a relic of the Jim Crow past. Anyone who knows how the filibuster works understands that it is a check on unfettered power by any political party. Even in a Democracy, power can corrupt, and the filibuster was created so that no one party would be able to pass any kind of law without accountability. Obama calls it a relic of the Jim Crow past.

He said that Bull Connor is gone (dont ever forget that by the way, Bull Connor was a Democrat), but today we witness police kneeling on the necks of black Americans. Kneeling on the necks of black Americans, really? This guy…no Mr. Obama! We saw a bad policeman kneel on the neck of a U.S. citizen in an incident of bad police work that no one thinks was right. The citizen happened to  to be black. This is not standard operating procedure for the police, and Obama knows this. What the police man did was bad, but it does not automatically make him a racist. Barrack Obama knows this, but there is no political leverage to gain by acknowledging this. This guy…

Obama continued, George Wallace may be gone, but the Federal Government is using tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators. Here we have Obama comparing federal agents doing their job enforcing the law against violent mobs, to George Wallace. People trying to burn down federal buildings, leaving a trail of blood, mayhem and destruction are portrayed as innocent protesters, while the law enforcement officers are villified. This guy… And the crowd that was there to celebrate the life of John Lewis while simultaneously mourning his passing applauded. No one found this kind this kind of talk at a funeral in 2020 America to be repulsive, because as long as the liberal agenda is advanced that is all that matters. 

Obama claimed that political opponents are targeting minorities with restrictive ID laws and “attacking our voting laws with surgical precision,” today, in 2020 America. And the crowd stood up to applaud the messiah as he talked about the United States in 2020 like it’s 1956. This guy… 

The truth is that Barrack Obama and his lefty allies infantilize black people by talking about them like they are helpless children, in order to continue pushing the victim narrative. Obama and his band of demonizers talk about ID card laws like these laws are crippling obstacles for black people. 

Elections are held every two years. In the case of Presidential elections, they are held every four years. Barrack Obama and the Democrat Party cabal wants all Americans to know that between these two year and four year timelines, black people are so stupid, they are so incapable of doing for themselves, they are so under served and down on their luck, that they cannot get themselves an ID card. This guy…

He pushed mail in ballots and every other leftist dream. This man of privilege who rode that wave of privilege, opportunity and euphoria, from all the way across the Pacific in the exotic land of Indonesia, to his private school on the beautiful shores of Hawii, to Occidental College, to the Harvard law review board, to the Senate, all the way to the White House, to his multimillion dollar mansion; he continues to tell everyone else that while life was dandy for him, it is hell for everyone else, especially “the blacks.” This guy…

But who is really surprised by Obama? This is the same guy who showed up at the funeral of five slain police officers a few years ago, and right there during the funerall; he accused the police of waging all out war on black men. He did this at the funeral of police officers killed by a black man who felt that he had the right to execute police officers ,because he believed that the police wantonly kill black men. That is the Obama we are talking about after all. 

Tell you what folks, Jesus Christ said that no one is good, because we all are imbued with the sinful nature…but this guy…this fellow called Barrack Obama… For all the talk about Trump, this Obama guy is the worst kind of awful. No one willingly opens up their homes to vipers, cobras, or any other kind of snake, but dress a snake up in a suit and teach that snake to act in a dignified manner, that snake is still a snake. By the time people realize it, it’s to late. 

This is a dangerous, dangerous man. 

Trump aint got nothin on this dude!

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