Chaos and turmoil, the left, the media, and the Democrat Party

Defund the police! Defund the police…defund the police. Defund the police? This is actually a real thing in America, in 2020. It is a sentiment that many in the left and the Democrat Party are pushing, and it is having real world consequences. All across the country, anarchists are wreaking havoc as they cause mayhem, and inflict violence on those who do not share there radical vision for the United States of America. 

What is most astonishing to observe in all of this, is the way that these people have gotten so many main stream politicians to acquiesce to their insane demands while turning a blind eye to the destruction that they are causing. Since the death of George Floyd these people have been on an unparalleled rampage in Democrat cities across the land. As is always the case with the left, they leave nothing but devastation and despair in the wake of their actions. Everything that these people touch turns to dirt. 

In the meanwhile, the media, that is supposed to be a check on this kind of madness, is going along for the ride. They are loving it! The media refuses to highlight the trail of death and destruction caused by the people waging this vicious campaign against the American people. You see, the left, the Democrat Party and the media thrive on misery. They believe that misery benefits them. 

The goal is to get rid of Donald Trump and in that effort anything goes. The end justifies the means. If somehow they can get the majority of the country to blame on Trump all of the craziness that we are witnessing across the country, then this gives them a chance to get their hands on the wheels of power once again. 

We do not have to guess what it is the the Democrats want to do. They have told us. They have demonstrated to us what they want to do. They not only want to defund the police, but they want to defund the pentagon. Bernie Sanders let us know that today. They want sanctuary cities where some of the most violent criminals are shielded by Democrat Mayors and Governors from ice. They want to give illegals aliens the right to vote. They want to continue their abortion factories in black neighborhoods. They want to stop the energy revolution that has taken place in the country over the last four years. They want to impose speech codes, weaken religious liberties, dilute the second amendment and impose a socialist agenda on the United States. 

The more social unrest that there is in the country, the more they believe that this benefits them. As long as the media continues with their dereliction of duty, and is on the side of the woke left, the woke left and Democrat politicians believe they can take the reigns of power one more time and implement policies that will make it almost unlikely that they will ever again lose another election. 

With their own mouths, Democrats have told us that they will get rid of the two hundred year old tradition of the filibuster. A policy that was meant to be a check on unfettered power, a hall mark of the Republic. With their own mouths they have told us that they plan to pack the courts, so that any policy that they implement, no matter how contrary to the American way and the constitution, will be rubber stamped by the courts. All of the rules that political parties have always agreed to since the beginning of the country are about to be thrown out if the Democrats regain power. 

No one is imagining this. No one came to this conclusion through Jedi mind reading prowess. The Democrats have told us with their own mouths what they plan to do, what their goal is. As they continue to blame Trump for every thing that goes wrong in the country, as they continue to slander him and his family, and continue the personal attacks none stop, one simply has to take a look at New York City, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and the other many other cities where chaos is the order of the day to have a good idea of what is about to happen to the United States if these people regain power. 

So while average Americans look around and see all of their traditions under attack, as they look on in utter disbelief at the mayhem and unbridled madness taking place all over America, the Democrats are loving it. 

Chaos is their friend! 

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