The untimely, horrific death of George Floyd

The video of George Floyd and the police officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck is really hard to watch. Granted, we do not know everything that happened leading up to that action because the police say that Floyd resisted arrest. When everything comes out we’ll know for sure. The police say that Floyd resisted arrest, but the bottom line is that while it was clearly evident that Floyd was not a threat; the police officer had his knee, applying pressure to this man’s neck for 8 minutes.
Bystanders are are pointing out to the police officer that Floyd is under immense pressure. He is having difficulty breathing, and might be dying. The man is pleading with the police to release the pressure from off of his neck. He can’t breath. He is begging for his life while the police officer callously continues to apply pressure to his neck in the most casual manner.
It is very difficult indeed to look at the video and not be upset. People are justifiably angry over this sloppy, dangerous display of police malpractice. Why did the police officer think that it was necessary to use this dangerous tactic on a man who was clearly not a threat to him or anyone around him? There is no justification for this, and the police officers involved must be held accountable for their actions. There must be justice for Mr. Floy and his family.
It is hard to imagine the pain, and the anguish that his family must be experiencing, knowing that they will never see their loved one again. To see and know the circumstances under which he died must make it all the more difficult to the bare the pain, and the grief that comes with his death.
There are absolutely no words!
This is clearly one of those instances when the actions of a few police officers do such a poor job dispensing their duty that they make the entire police force across the nation look really bad. We all know that the police are often called to function in high pressure, high stress situations while maintaining their wits. They are very often called to make split second decisions based on limited, constantly changing data, and their lives quite literally depend on how they react under those conditions.
Again, even if that was the case leading up to the point when Floyd was subdued, when it became clear that he was no longer a threat, they should have have treated him in a manner that reflected that reality. What was going in the mind of this police officer and his colleagues who just stood by looking on, doing nothing to intervene as the man lay there dying in their care, no one knows.
Because of the actions of these police officers, a man lost his life and two young little girls will never see their daddy again. They will have to deal with the life altering effects that comes with that. In addition to the personal and emotional toll that this appalling act is sure to exact on the family, and friends of Floyd, the nation now has to deal with the political fall out from this.
People are already using this incident to further political agendas and drive certain narratives, using the age old tactic of divide and conquer in the quest for power. They have no problem using this dreadful event to stir racial tensions and use it as a stepping stone to achieve their insidious goals.
They are fine with that approach, instead of dealing with the immediate situation at hand, seeking justice for Floyd, holding the police officers involved accountable for their actions, and doing whatever it takes to clean up any unsavory elements in the Minneapolis Police department that may have contributed to this awful act.
Now we have to endure as charlatans and con men shamelessly use the situation to advance their own agendas.
Let’s apply the fixes necessary to address problems like these, but we cannot afford to use this incident as an excuse for lawlessness and to spread divisions, even in the midst of all the raw emotions.
It is terrible, and a burning shame that George Floyd had to die this way. Let’s seek justice and reconciliation not revenge.

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