The necessity of seeing Trump as less than human

It becomes more and more clear everyday why it is absolutely crucial for the left and the Democrat Party to paint President Donald Trump as an absolute monster, and Republicans and conservatives as evil people. By casting Trump as an ogre, the discussion never has to be about policy. Policy automatically has to take a back seat because if there really is a scalawag in the White House, the the focus has to be on dealing with the brute. How do we get rid of the mean scary guy who is in charge running the country then becomes the main question.
It is a devious yet brilliant strategy employed by the left and Democrat Party politicians, because in addition to diverting everyone’s eyes away from policy, Democrat misbehavior is never featured and given the spotlight that it deserves. Everything that they do is then measured in light of the the “Nazi” who is running the country.
An example of this would be Bill Maher on his popular show openly wishing for a recession so that Trump’s chances of getting re-elected would be diminished. When people point out to Maher that a recession will affect the lives of real people in some really painful ways, Maher casually dismisses their concerns by saying we could survive a recession, but our Democracy would not survive if Trump is re-elected.
This is what Democrat politicians have done for decades. They demonize everyone who opposes their destructive policies so that the discussion is never about the issues, but about personalities. People do not have to pay attention to Democrat policies if they are channeling all of their energy toward someone they consider to be the Anti-Christ.
When Democrats step out of line all they have to do is apologize, then look at who the nearest varmint nearby is and compare themselves to whoever that person may be. The Democrats are always the good guys in comparison. This is what they have done with Donald Trump. They simply deflect attention away from themselves and their awful policies, start screaming hysterically and pointing their fingers at Trump as they accuse him of genocide, terrorism, or some other really evil deed.
In the mean while as Nancy Pelosi moves forward with her awful Coronavirus relief bill with all kinds of poison pills that have nothing to do with the Corona virus, no one bats an eye. Once again policy takes a back seat because Trump is worse than Hitler and the Republicans in Congress are his storm troopers.
Democrat politicians and their media allies have convinced enough people that Trump really is worse than Hitler. He despises women, he hates gays, browns, blacks, and women. He eats children, drowns old people, tortures transgenders, and terrorizes the disabled. It is nothing but a constant barrage of name calling, insults, character assasination, and demonization of Trump and all those who support him.
Many people in return look at the Democrats and say, they can’t be that bad compared to this evil monster, and they just continue rolling along, accepting all of the garbage that the Democrat Party throws at them because after all, they have to be better than that vampire living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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