Georgia Democrat State Representative endorsed President Trump and feels the heat

Anybody can be a Trump hater. It requires no courage, no effort, no thinking, in fact; it is so easy to be a Trump hater that the pencil sitting on this table here without a sharp point can probably go on a Trump hating diatribe. Anybody can do it. That’s how little effort it requires. It is that easy!

Vernon Jones, a Democrat Representative from the state of Georgia is an example it means to be courageous.

You see folks, Vernon is black and he did the unthinkable. He ventured off the beaten path, and demonstrated that he is a black independent thinker.

He…he…he endorsed President Trump.

If it is one thing we know the Democrat Party hates is a black man who dares to think for himself. How dare he? massa didn’t give him permission to think. If he wants to have an opinion massa will give it to him.

Representative Jones wasn’t having any of it though. He blocked out the noise, ignored the media and paid attention to a lot of the things that Trump has actually done. He compared it to the Democrat Party and their actual record, not their rhetoric, especially with black people.

For resisting the Democrat Party plantation, Representative Jones became a target of the tolerant people in his party.

Did they debate him about the reason he endorsed Trump? You have 6 guesses to answer that question…

Got it? No!?!

Ok then, here’s the answer. They did not. Democrats refused to debate him on the issues. They would not get in the arena of ideas and do that. Instead the Party of tolerance did what they do best. They called him names and tried to bully him in the hope of discouraging him and pushing him out of relevance.

He gave in to the pressure at first and he was about to resign, but then something happened. He observed the hate coming from those who always claim to be the party that has a big wide tent. Then he paid attention to the tons of support coming from others who stood with him, and he decided to stay and fight.

He said “more Democrats have called me names for supporting President Trump, than have asked me why.” But who’s surprised? That’s what these people do.

Well Mr. Jones many of the people in Georgia and across the country support you.

Show the people what True courage is.

Check out Representative Jone’s facebook page.

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