Why China’s record of abuse does not matter

Ladies and gentlemen if you want to know how back to front our world is, look no further than the way the media treats China. China is a totalitarian state run by the despot leader of the China Communist Party.

China continues to intimidate it’s neighbors, and is constantly stirring up trouble in the South China sea. In the most brazen manner, China disregards the parameters of international law that nations have agreed and adhered to for decades. They do it in such a brazen display of defiance, that many of their neighbors are worried about China’s Militarism, power grabbing, and exhibitionism.

In China the Government represses their people when the people openly dissent and protest their government. People literally disappear and are never seen again for defying the Chinese Government.

During the initial stages of the Corona virus outbreak in China, a couple of doctors who attempted to alert the world to what was going on, disappeared never to be seen or heard from again.

Who can forget the savage suppression of the 1989 peaceful uprising in 1989 in China. The images are burnished on the minds of the Chinese who saw it and lived through it. Prior to that about 40 million Chinese citizens were brutally killed, many of them starved to death by the crazed communist leader, the mad man, Mao Tse Tung during his sadistic reign.

Forced abortions have been a common practice in China for decades and families who somehow managed to defy the Communist regime’s one child policy would pay a heavy price when the regime found out about their defiance.

Freedom of religion is a dream in Communist China, and people are hounded and persecuted relentlessly for their religious beliefs.

People do not have free access to information in China. Chinese citizens who express themselves too freely by speaking against the government on facebook or any kind of social media are routinely put in jail.

China forces companies like Google, facebook, Apple and other international corporations to censor content and news that comes from the rest of the world, so that the Chinese people would continue to be kept in the dark about what is happening around the world.

In short, people are not free in China. In China people can be tortured and killed for any reason that the Chinese Government deems punishable. China is run by a vicious regime that treats it’s citizens with contempt.

For years the Chinese Government has engaged in intellectual property theft of American and other international companies, and disregarded the rules of international law and trade with wanton indifference.

But ah, in a world where Donald Trump is the President of the United States, none of China’s indiscretions, intimidatory practices against it neighbors and citizens, or crimes and human rights abuses matter. In fact China gets the benefit of the doubt on every issue.

Some liberal commentators even let us know a couple of nights ago that the Chinese are “the new scary non-white people.” That’s why there is so much negative attention on China. It has nothing to do with their record.

Guess why! The answer is simple.

Orange man baaaaaahhhhhhd!

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