The Democrats and the fawning media’s double standards

How is it that we never hear Democrat politicians questioned and put through the ringer like Republican politicians get put through the ringer? No one has any problem holding truth to power, but can we at least see a fraction of the fierceness that journalists display when they are dealing with Republicans, directed toward a Democrat politician?

Is it that Democrat policies are not controversial and embraced by an overwhelming number of Americans? Are their policies so blameless that reporters have no choice but to swoon in their presence?

Is Maxine Waters not a controversial figure? Is she a prime example of virtue? Does she not deserve any kind of scrutiny for her past comments on race, or when serving as a member of the finance committee? After admonishing her followers to literally harass in public people she disagrees with politically, s that not worthy of the Trump treatment? She engages in this behavior all the time, yet she is treated as a celebrity and worshipped whenever the media interviews her.

Why is it that Rashida Tlaib gets away with saying that we are going to impeach the mother****** two seconds after she won the seat for her district in the last election, and she continues to take a adversarial, vitriolic approach to politics?

Nancy Pelosi recently held up two bills meant to bring relief to people affected by the shut down caused by the Corona Virus. She held up the bills to include some of he favorite pet projects, and other pork that had absolutely nothing to do with bringing relief to the people, but not even that was enough for the media to get tough with Nancy. Then she did it again a few weeks later, she held up for no good reason another bill meant to bring more relief to the people.

She slurs her speech, she fumbles her words, she forgets what she is saying when talking to the press, and utters so many nonsensical and contradictory statements during her press conferences, yet still this woman is never pressed by journalists. She is revered by them! No one interrupts her while she is talking, there are no gotcha questions and she is an absolute goddess in the eye of the fawning media.

Why does this blatant double standard persist?

Bernie Sanders campaign workers are on video praising gulags and espousing the value of violent revolution should their candidate lose, and the media buries the story.

There have been so many reports and videos of people getting harassed in the streets, getting chased out of restaurants or getting violently attacked for the sin of wearing a hat with the MAGA slogan. The media has never called on Democrats to renounce the behavior of their supporters or asked if they agree with it.

Yet in the midst of all of this we never cease hearing about how awful Donald Trump his supporters, Republicans and conservatives are in general. All the while the Democrats, their awful policies, and their despicable behavior continues to be ignored by the same people who tell us that it is their job to hold truth to power.

What is this?

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