The FBI investigation into the Obama Presidency

The year is 2008. Barrack Obama has just won the Presidency. Before he could even take the oath of office there is talk that he is not a natural born American citizen of the U.S., and as a result; his election to the highest office in the land is null and void. Officials, reporters and other operatives immediately go into action to lend validity to the claim that Obama is not a U.S. citizen. They make these claims based on nothing. There is no evidence whatsoever that Obama is not an American citizen, but the media, Hollywood, officials in the Government and pundits everywhere continue to push the conspiracy that Obama is not an American citizen. Obama protests! He cannot understand why everyone is making such a claim and so many people are giving it credence. 

Obama lashes out at those spreading the completely false notion, and the promulgation that he is not a U.S. citizen. Obama accuses his detractors of racism and going on a fishing expedition to get rid of him. He even blurts out on more than one occasion that the effort to delegitimize his election win is a witch hunt, and a major hoax. 

Despite Obama’s protestations though, the fabrication persists and his opponents seem to go into a feeding frenzy at the prospect of destroying his Presidency before it even gets going. They smell blood and like sharks they move in for the kill to completely destroy him politically. Before you know it, the justice department launches an investigation to determine if President Obama is indeed a legitimate American citizen, and eligible to hold the highest office in the land. 

The investigation is launched strictly on innuendo that he was born in Kenya, nothing else. No evidence whatsoever was ever presented to justify the investigation. It was just launched based on nothing but a hunch that it is true. The media then proceeds to loop the story 24/7, and the narrative is that Obama must be a Kenyan citizen. Guest after guest on the nightly news shows predicts assuredly that Obama’s Presidency is doomed because he is illegitimate. 

As the conspiracy gains legs, then wheels, then wings, not one shred of evidence is produced that Obama was was born in Kenya. Every time they breathlessly proclaimed that that this time they’ve got the goods, it proves to be fake news…over and over again. Nevertheless, Congressmen, Senators, the former CIA director, the former FBI director, the former NSA director and others in authority lead the charge that Barrack Obama is not the legitimate President of the United States. The issue is no longer being treated as speculation, but as certainty. Before you know it, Congress is threatening to impeach him for his deceit.

Everyone insists that it must be true that Obama is not a citizen because in the past Obama had referenced his desire to learn more about Kenya, because that’s where his father was from and he still has relatives there. Obama even tried to buy a house in Kenya at one time. 

The country then finds out shortly after Obama announced that he was running for President in 2007, that the Bush Administration placed an FBI informant in Obama’s campaign to find evidence that he indeed was not born in America. As time went by, more information came out that the Bush administration used the FBI informant to plant information that the Kenyans have proof Obama was indeed born in Kenya. 

One low level Obama staffer casually mentioned in conversation what the FBI informant said about the Kenyans having proof that Obama was born in Kenya to another person who then went back and told the FBI what the staffer said. The FBI then used the information that they planted, and was then repeated by the Obama staffer as a reason to launch further investigations into Obama’s campaign. But that is not all, John McCain who was running against Obama hired a company to do opposition research on the Obama campaign, using a former British spy who openly expressed disdain for Obama, and his desire to see Obama lose the election. 

The company that hired the British spy produced a dossier filled with spectacular and salacious accusations about Obama using Kenyan disinformation specialists. The former British spy makes it clear that he cannot verify anything in the dossier. But the dossier produced by the company hired by the McCain campaign, using the former British spy, wass then used by the FBI to look deeper into Obama’s campaign anyway. 

One high level FBI official made it clear that the dossier is unreliable, that it is opposition research paid for by the McCain campaign, but other officials higher up in the FBI use the dossier anyway to get a warrant from the Federal Investigation Surveillance Act courts to further investigate Obama’s campaign.

The FBI officials lie to the courts claiming that the information was verified and reliable, and so began the government surveillance of Obamas campaign, long before the justice Department’s investigation even began.

All along the way, Obama continued to protest, in the dignified manner that he is known for doing. He continued to claim racism, and call it a hoax and a witch hunt, but his deprecators bizarrely claim that by protesting so vociferously he was obstructing justice

The story gets even more convoluted, but there is not enough room for all of the details in one post.  Just know that for the next two and a half years the country got caught up in the intrigue of Obama’s birth certificate, and everyone gave short shrift to all of the good things happening in the economy, other domestic issues, and foreign affairs.

Who would have thought this could happen in the United States of America?

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