The FBI investigation into the Obama Presidency

The year is 2008. Barrack Obama has just won the Presidency. Before he could even take the oath of office there is talk that he is not a natural born American citizen of the U.S., and as a result; his election to the highest office in the land is null and void. Officials, reporters and other operatives immediately go into action to lend validity to the claim that Obama is not a U.S. citizen. They make these claims based on nothing. There is no evidence whatsoever that Obama is not an American citizen, but the media, Hollywood, officials in the Government and pundits everywhere continue to push the conspiracy that Obama is not an American citizen. Obama protests! He cannot understand why everyone is making such a claim and so many people are giving it credence. 

Obama lashes out at those spreading the completely false notion, and the promulgation that he is not a U.S. citizen. Obama accuses his detractors of racism and going on a fishing expedition to get rid of him. He even blurts out on more than one occasion that the effort to delegitimize his election win is a witch hunt, and a major hoax. 

Despite Obama’s protestations though, the fabrication persists and his opponents seem to go into a feeding frenzy at the prospect of destroying his Presidency before it even gets going. They smell blood and like sharks they move in for the kill to completely destroy him politically. Before you know it, the justice department launches an investigation to determine if President Obama is indeed a legitimate American citizen, and eligible to hold the highest office in the land. 

The investigation is launched strictly on innuendo that he was born in Kenya, nothing else. No evidence whatsoever was ever presented to justify the investigation. It was just launched based on nothing but a hunch that it is true. The media then proceeds to loop the story 24/7, and the narrative is that Obama must be a Kenyan citizen. Guest after guest on the nightly news shows predicts assuredly that Obama’s Presidency is doomed because he is illegitimate. 

As the conspiracy gains legs, then wheels, then wings, not one shred of evidence is produced that Obama was was born in Kenya. Every time they breathlessly proclaimed that that this time they’ve got the goods, it proves to be fake news…over and over again. Nevertheless, Congressmen, Senators, the former CIA director, the former FBI director, the former NSA director and others in authority lead the charge that Barrack Obama is not the legitimate President of the United States. The issue is no longer being treated as speculation, but as certainty. Before you know it, Congress is threatening to impeach him for his deceit.

Everyone insists that it must be true that Obama is not a citizen because in the past Obama had referenced his desire to learn more about Kenya, because that’s where his father was from and he still has relatives there. Obama even tried to buy a house in Kenya at one time. 

The country then finds out shortly after Obama announced that he was running for President in 2007, that the Bush Administration placed an FBI informant in Obama’s campaign to find evidence that he indeed was not born in America. As time went by, more information came out that the Bush administration used the FBI informant to plant information that the Kenyans have proof Obama was indeed born in Kenya. 

One low level Obama staffer casually mentioned in conversation what the FBI informant said about the Kenyans having proof that Obama was born in Kenya to another person who then went back and told the FBI what the staffer said. The FBI then used the information that they planted, and was then repeated by the Obama staffer as a reason to launch further investigations into Obama’s campaign. But that is not all, John McCain who was running against Obama hired a company to do opposition research on the Obama campaign, using a former British spy who openly expressed disdain for Obama, and his desire to see Obama lose the election. 

The company that hired the British spy produced a dossier filled with spectacular and salacious accusations about Obama using Kenyan disinformation specialists. The former British spy makes it clear that he cannot verify anything in the dossier. But the dossier produced by the company hired by the McCain campaign, using the former British spy, wass then used by the FBI to look deeper into Obama’s campaign anyway. 

One high level FBI official made it clear that the dossier is unreliable, that it is opposition research paid for by the McCain campaign, but other officials higher up in the FBI use the dossier anyway to get a warrant from the Federal Investigation Surveillance Act courts to further investigate Obama’s campaign.

The FBI officials lie to the courts claiming that the information was verified and reliable, and so began the government surveillance of Obamas campaign, long before the justice Department’s investigation even began.

All along the way, Obama continued to protest, in the dignified manner that he is known for doing. He continued to claim racism, and call it a hoax and a witch hunt, but his deprecators bizarrely claim that by protesting so vociferously he was obstructing justice

The story gets even more convoluted, but there is not enough room for all of the details in one post.  Just know that for the next two and a half years the country got caught up in the intrigue of Obama’s birth certificate, and everyone gave short shrift to all of the good things happening in the economy, other domestic issues, and foreign affairs.

Who would have thought this could happen in the United States of America?

The Russian hoax has come to a predictable anti climactic end

Folks, today President Donald Trump was exonerated of the charge that he colluded with the Russians to work against, and steal the election from Hillary Clinton. This is not a surprise. People need to stop pretending. This was known from the beginning. There is no way that anyone who paid attention to this from the beginning would not have known that this was going to be the result of the Mueller probe. There is no other conclusion that was possible, unless Robert Mueller and his team of Hillary Clinton lawyers who made up the rest of his team cooked up something out of absolutely nothing to get the President. 

The idea that the President worked with the Russians to sabotage the presidential elections, was quite frankly, a ludicrous concept that was meant to discredit Trump from the very beginning. The idea was to create enough doubt in the minds of the gullible, and set up an environment that would have made it impossible for Trump to Govern. That was always the plan. Again, given the facts under which this investigation was launched, no one could have come to any conclusion that the President colluded with anyone, much more so, the Russians, to beat Hillary Clinton.

This is one of the biggest hoaxes that was ever perpetrated on the American people, but Trump haters sheepishly, and willingly went along with what was clearly a hoax, driven by their unadulterated hatred of the President. They ignored all of the circumstances, all of the facts, all of the evidence leading up to the inevitable conclusion that Trump never colluded with the Russians, but they kept going along with the ruse nevertheless. It did not matter what Barrack Obama said when this whole thing started to bubble! They went along with it anyway, and it took on a life of it’s own. Before you know it, the accusation metamorphosed into not just that Trump colluded with the Russians, but that that the Russians stole the elections by messing with the votes. It did not matter what Jeh Johnson said on the matter. It did not matter what anybody said on the matter, that clearly showed that this whole thing was a witch hunt.  People latched on to the nonsense despite all of the contrary evidence that was right in front of them.

From the beginning, there were never any clues, no evidence, or  anything that suggested Donald Trump worked with the Russians to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign, or help the Russians steal the elections from her. This investigation started on a whim. The Russians have attempted to disrupt our elections many times before. It is nothing strange. They always hope to sow discord in our population, and disrupt the harmony that we have been able to accomplish and sustain as Americans. The main difference is that this time, Democrat politicians, their media allies and Hollywood, out of whole cloth,  cut this conspiracy that Trump colluded with the Russians to work against Hillary. The Democrats then set out on the mission to find a way to turn their conspiracy theory into a reality. They then embarked on a McCarthyism mission running on steroids. 

That’s it folks! It does not get any more complicated than that. 

Everyone involved in this knew from the onset that there was no truth to it from the very beginning. It is one of the most shameful acts that has ever been committed against an American citizen.

People should keep in mind that if it is possible for political enemies to use the power of the state in such a way against the President of the United States in order to do him harm, then they can use it against Joe Citizen at any time. 

It is unbelievable, that many Americans who were so upset that a few nut cases thought that Barrack Obama was born in Kenya, actually went out of their way to convince the rest of the country that the President of the United States was a Russian mole. Just put aside your hatred of Donald Trump for one moment and think about that. Regular Americans were willing to go along gleefully with this fraud simply because they hate the man. What does one say to all of this!?!?

Can somebody say FAKE NEWS!!!!!!

Hate crime hoaxes

As hate crime hoaxes go, Jussie Smollet’s was the most high profile, but his fraud was not just an aberration. Hate crime hoaxes are more common than one would think.  They have been happening for years, and for the most part they have been in one direction. They are mostly committed by people on the left trying to portray white hatred. With the election of Donald Trump, hoax hate crimes have increased exponentially. From the muslim woman in “Louisiana who claimed in November 2016 that two white men, one of whom was wearing a Trump hat, attacked and robbed her, taking her wallet and hijab while yelling racial slurs,” to the black church member who was responsible for setting his own church on fire, they were all hoaxes. The media never spent even a fraction of the time they spent promoting the hoaxes as they spent exposing them. Then there was the lefty journalist, Juan Thompson, who alone was responsible for scores of calls threatening to firebomb synagogues. He wanted to make Trump supporters look bad. A 19-year-old Jewish man who is an Israeli-American dual citizen was arrested. Police believe the man made over 120 fake bomb threats in New Zealand and Australia and against scores of Jewish institutions across the U.S.

Imagine if Fox News, the Drudge Report, Newsbusters, the Daily Wire or other alternative media did not exist! All of these would have been swept under the rug.

These are people so desperate to paint America into the image that they want people to believe it is, that they have literally engaged in hundreds of hoaxes or acts of vandalism, then tried to palm it off on Trump supporters or conservatives in general. If it is as bad as the left would have us believe then there would be no need to perpetrate all of these hoaxes.

It is so terrible, that the grand Poobah of all hoaxers gained notoriety and fame after perpetrating one of the biggest hoaxes in America. His name is Al Sharpton, anti-semite supreme. He is a giant in the Democrat Party. This man’s history is there for anyone to examine, but it does not matter. He has never apologized for any of his histrionics, including one incident in which seven people ended up dead. He is a star on the left with his own show nevertheless. That is how great it is to be a Democrat, especially a black Democrat.

The following is a list of hoaxes, and fake news that have been perpetrated going back to just over a year ago. Many of them are less than a year old. This is just a sample to remind people of what we are dealing with when it comes to this issue

Last week prosecutors charged a LGBT activist with burning down that person’s own home with pets Inside. MAJOR HOAX

Jussie Smollet attacked by two MAGA wearing white Trump supporters: HOAX!

White Covington Catholic kids staged racist attack on Native American elder: FAKE NEWS!

Black seven year old girl shot by white assailant in drive by shooting: FAKE NEWS!

Pittsburgh synagogue shooter is a Trump supporter. (FAKE NEWS, the guy actually despised trump).

Drake University studen receives racist notes: HOAX!

On Goucher college someone scrawled “KKK,” swastikas and “I’m gonna kill all n****rs” across Goucher College campus: HOAX!

9 Months ago the South Carolina President of the NAACP claimed he was racially profiled and he complained about a climate of hate: HOAX!

Last July Ciera Calhoun, a black nurse claimed she and her friends were racially profiled by the polcice. Police released body cam footage: HOAX! 

Some months ago a Long Island woman claims four Trump supporters shouted “get out of the country” at her, slashed her tires and left a hateful note on her car. HOAX!

Here is another high profile one –  a Waco restaurant waitress claimed that a law enforcement officer scrawled a racial slur against Hispanics on a receipt: HOAX!

Back in November, according to the Daily Caller “the suspect in a synagogue vandalism act that forced the cancellation of a Democratic event is reportedly a former City Hall employee who worked on anti-hate crime issues, and is a Democratic activist.” No hoax, real, but done and meant to blame Trump supporters. 

There is no shortage of people who have been violently attacked for the simple act of wearing a MAGA hat, but all we ever hear about from the dishonest media is how hateful Trump’s supporters are.