Separated Families and the Crisis at the Border

Do facts matter, does raw, naked emotion render people incapable of using their brains? It is as though people in the Democrat Party, and the left in general develop an aversion to thinking whenever they become emotionally invested in a cause. On the other hand, maybe the way that they use emotion to drive a narrative, is part of an overall strategy to get people to react in ways that they would not react it they were using their minds to logically figure things out. Watching the debate over President Trump’s immigration policy of “separating children from their parents” is just amazing to behold. One would think that this is 1978 instead of 2018, and that the internet does not exist; so people do not have access to information that allows them to do research and determine the facts for themselves. If anyone was not convinced before that the legacy media in this country is dangerous, nothing will convince that person. 

First of all the argument that the children are being separated from their parents is a silly argument if that is all it is based on. True, it is heartbreaking for children to be separated from their parents. No one wants to see children suffer in this way, but that alone does not determine whether or not the separation is right. Keep in mind that American children are separated from their parents every single day all across the country. When parents break the law, and they are sentenced to jail, there is an inevitable separation that takes place. When parents abuse their children, social services often come in and remove these children from their parents care. It is not something that we have not heard of before. It is sad, it is heartbreaking, but it is sometimes necessary.  Something similar is happening with the people who are illegally crossing the border in the effort to avoid the normal channels to come in to the country. They are breaking the law! They are committing a Federal crime that  can, and often has far reaching consequences. It is no more complicated than that! As a result of breaking the law with their children, many of these parents get arrested, and they are detained. Because it is against the law to detain these children with their parents they have to be separated. In 2016 the courts ruled that the Government cannot keep the children of people who have been arrested for illegally crossing the border, detained with the parents. 

The Obama Administration at one time used to keep illegal alien children and their parents together until the Administration was sued. During the case, the Obama Administration stated that they were doing it as a deterrent to discourage people from coming illegally, but the court said to them that they cannot do that. This Was a ruling by the ninth circuit court, possibly the most leftist court in the land, that deemed it is more compassionate to separate the children from their parents instead of detaining them together, as the Obama Administration had practiced as a deterrent. Earlier court cases had also established that you cannot keep children incarcerated with their illegal alien parents. There were even clear guidelines on how to treat the children while they are incarcerated. As a result, they then had to separate the children from their parents because of the ruling of the court. Illegal alien children are separated from their parents for one main reason. That reason is because their parents are arrested, and the law forbids them from being detained together.

The Obama administration practiced this, not because they were insidious, but because they did not have much choice. Of course the dishonest media never made the same kind of fuss that they are making now about the issue because their job was always to do whatever they could to protect King Obama. The media, the Democrat Party and the left in general has one simple mission, and it is to take down the Trump administration. This is just their latest effort to accomplish that mission. In the process, the left is doing what they do best. They are demonizing people and pointing  at monsters where none exist. The truth is that many of the awful pictures of separated children in jail like conditions that the media used to create the current narrative are from 2014 when the Obama Administration did not have too many options because of the groundswell of illegal alien crossings. In the effort to destroy the Trump administration, so many factors in this dilemma are being ignored, like the fact that of the 12000 children in the system only 2000 of them are children separated from their parents. The others are unaccompanied minors who made the Trek all across central America to the Southern border. Children as little as four years old sometimes arrive at the border alone or with traffickers. Many of the children are separated from the adults they arrive with because there are questions about these adults real relationship to the children. 

The fact is that America has a problem with illegal immigration that has to be fixed. It is an issue more complicated than the media is making it out to be. There are so many nuances to this issue that it would be impossible to cover it all in one piece. According to Chris Wallace on Sunday  morning in his interview with Jeh Johnson (former Obama administration Homeland Security Chief), 40,000 to 50,000 people crossed the border illegally every month. 9,500 family members crossed the border last month, and up to 40,000 unaccompanied minors cross per year. The truths is that because of America’s immigration policies, illegal aliens do not have a deterrent to coming here illegally. In the midst of all this chaos, no one in the media is pointing the finger of blame at the parents of these children. These parents’ actions are causing their children to be separated from them. It is much too easy to blame Trump, and the people who are enforcing the law. 

President Trump, in giving in to pressure, has signed an executive order to keep the families together. That action still has not satisfied the Democrat Party and the left. They are complaining now that the idea of keeping families detained together is akin to German concentration camps. The thing is that the courts have already said that detaining children with their families is illegal, so the President’s executive order is sure to be challenged. If the courts indeed deem that the executive order is illegal we will be right back to where we started. The parents and the children will have to be separated. The only other option would be to release them into the country while their cases are processed. This would send the message that all one has to do to avoid the normal channels, is show up illegally with a child, claim asylum, and one will be allowed to enter the country. None of this matters though. As long as we get to paint Trump as a Nazi, that is what is most important

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