Kathy Griffin Wants Kevin Hart to Bash Trump

Kathy Griffin, the “comedienne” who thought that it was funny to hold an image that depicted President Trumps head, bloody and severed from his body, is angry at the comedian Kevin Hart. Why is this virtuous Democrat woman of the left angry at Mr. Hart? Well, let’s examine what she said in her own words. Here she is talking of Kevin Hart; “And look, if you want to not hear about Trump at all, go see Kevin Hart. He doesn’t even mention Trump. I personally think that’s a p**** move because he’s a black man. But I guess he’s selling more tickets than I ever will.”

Did you get that ladies and gentlemen? According to Kathy Griffin, because Kevin Hart is a black man, he is supposed to dump on Trump. If you are a black man, in Kathy Griffin’s world, you are supposed to feel the same way that she does about President Donald Trump. As far as this white leftist is concerned, no black man should have his own opinion about Donald Trump. Black men are supposed to be Democrats. The decision by Kevin Hart to not alienate half of the citizenry with crude, hateful rhetoric and ridicule towards President Trump is considered to be a p**** move in her mind. It’s not just that he may think it’s good business to stay away from that topic. It’s not that he may have a totally different opinion on the President, (and if he does); he sure is wrong for holding that opinion. Black people are supposed to be a monolith after all. It’s not that Kevin Hart may simply not want to bring politics into the work place. Kathy Griffin knows what its all about though doggone it. He is a black man! There you go.

Where did Kevin Hart get the idea from that he can think independently? He is just a little too uppity for the white liberal overlords who know what is best for black people, and black men in particular. If Kevin Hart wants to know what is best for himself, he’d better start making phone calls to the white leftist plantation owners who could whitesplain to him why he needs to bash Trump. It would be in his best interest you see. He has to spew vitriol and ridicule at Trump. It’s what black men do. How can he not know this?

According to the leftist machine, Kevin Hart, in order to be a real black man has to be a political activist who pushes leftist ideology, and rabidly supports the Democratic Party. Does he think that he knows what is best for his own career, or what causes he needs to lend his voice to, and support? In any case, this is bigger than his career. He has to see the bigger picture. Its about the country and doing his part to topple the man that liberals have declared is a Nazi, and who is about to lead the the United States into a tyrannical descent. Hart needs to get with the program. Who does this black man think he is anyway? This black man had better understand quickly that he is not in charge of his own thinking when it comes to these issues. Kathy Griffin and the white leftist arbiters of black thought knows what he should be thinking, and she sure as heck let him know. Now get back in your place boy. Show that you are a real black man.

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