The Left’s Tolerance of Bill Clinton

For many years we heard about the sexual exploits, shenanigans, indiscretions and alleged crimes of Bill Clinton. The Democrat Party ignored all of the allegations made by the women who accused him. Victim shaming was not a problem then. Some of the accusations brought against the former President go all the way back to the nineteen seventies. The allegations of sexual misconduct made against Mr. Clinton run the gauntlet, from inappropriate touching, inappropriate comments, sexual harassment and sexual assault to rape. In addition, he has been accused of using his position of power to gratify himself sexually with women in his immediate sphere of influence. 

As the decades rolled on, Mr. Clinton became less and less accountable for his alleged improprieties. Some of the women who claim to have been the victims of Mr. Clinton say they have chosen not to pursue any legal recourse, or continue to highlight their plight for fear of recrimination by the Clinton machine. Who can forget when Paula Jones claimed that she was sexually harassed by the Clintons, how she was ridiculed. Her reputation was attacked and tarnished, and she was summarily dismissed by defenders of the Clintons and the Democratic Party. At one time, Clinton campaign manager Jim Carville infamously said, “If you drag a hundred dollar bill in a trailer park, you never know what you’ll get.” The defenders of “women’s rights” applauded Mr. Carville; they snickered, and praised his wit. The complicit media went right along with the charade, and in the case of Juanita Broderick who accused Mr. Clinton of raping her, NBC sat on the story until after the election. Dan Rather once refused to highlight a story that was unfavorable to President Clinton “out of respect for the President’s private life.”

The stories are never ending, and famous among them are the allegations that Hillary Clinton never hesitated to use intimidatory tactics in the effort to silence many of these women, in order to protect her husband. Tales of Mr. Clinton’s alleged exploits and abuses are legendary, and the stories were more than just whispers. They were “open secrets,” but they were never enough to stir an incurious media to dig deeper.

In all of this, it is important to remember that Bill Clinton was never charged or convicted on any of the accusations brought against him. Despite the claims made by any of these women, and despite the apparent credibility of many of the stories; Mr. Clinton has never admitted to any wrong doing. When it comes to these situations, and it’s is one person’s word (or in the case of Clinton, several people’s word) against the other, the people simply have to decide for themselves whose story and character is more credible, and who they believe. What was unusual though, in the case of several of Mr. Clinton’s accusers, is the scorn that was heaped on them, and the venom that was used in attacks to destroy their credibility. Victim shaming was ok as long as it was Democrats doing it. All of the rules that the left and the media applies in similar situations simply went out the window, and the focus of the battle became solely to defend the Democrat President at all cost. The regular sensibilities normally afforded to women in these situations were discarded. When someone with such an ungentlemanly reputation, and the rumors of his alleged ill conduct are so well known, people more often than not defer to the alleged victim when it is just word against word. For others it simply does not matter. This is what happened with the former President. It did not matter what he did, there is no way his supporters were going to sacrifice a Democrat being in the White House.  The cause above all is what matters most.  

Recently many prominent Democrats have begun speaking out against the former President and first lady. Now that the power couple no longer suits their cause, many of them have finally found the courage to speak out against the Clintons. These same people, who just a few months ago had no problem hobnobbing, rubbing shoulders, and touching noses with the Clintons, have suddenly been awakened by a deep level consciousness that the Clintons treatment of women in the past has been deplorable. Now that sexual accusations have been brought against the Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore, they have finally seen the light. How can they credibly condemn this awful Republican while the Clinton Albatross hangs so conspicuously around their necks? Should we believe that they have really, finally seen the light or is this simply another example of the cause being bigger than any individual?


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